Saturday, August 10, 2013


God’s shining face! 
Verse for Today: Saturday, August 10, 2013
Psalms 4:6 – Many are asking, “Who can show us any good?” Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.

God’s children are often considered worthless and merit-less by others. They do not consider us worthy to receive any good from anyone. They resent and reject us because of our testimony and stand for the Lord. They are unable to see any goodness in us because we do not join their lifestyle. Our purposes and motives are maligned by them. All negatives are attributed to us because we take a stand for truth. When we do not use the ways of the world to become successful, the world would think that we are good for nothing and not smart as they are. But our consolation and comfort come from our Lord who understands us and loves us in spite of the criticism and judgment that come from other detractors. He knows what we stand for and appreciates us for the strong positions we take for Him. When the world turns its face away from us, our Lord would make us feel his presence ever closer to us. When the world tries to create darkness around us through loneliness, friendlessness, isolation, rejection and resentment, our Lord comes to us with the brightness of His face shining upon us. In His light, we will be able to see the way to keep going. He wants us to please Him and get His recognition rather than please the world for its false appreciation. He wants us to stand for the truth that He has taught us through His Word. He doesn’t want us to be discouraged when others discount and undermine us. Today God reemphasizes the truth that no matter who is against us, He will be for us and His goodness and mercy will ever flow to us to make us a blessing to even those who reject us.

Dear reader, do you get exasperated when others undermine and isolate you? But God wants to remind you that He doesn’t judge you cruelly like others. When the world writes you off, your God will shine His face upon you. When the people ignore you and isolate you, He will fill you with His presence and peace. When you don’t have anyone to interact with, God will come near you and speak to you through His Spirit and Word. When your friends, colleagues, kith and kin do not show any kindness to you, He comes to you as the God of all comfort and Father of all mercies. In your darkest nights, He will allow His stars of promises to shine upon you. He comes to remind you that you are in the company of a cloud of witnesses around the world who enjoy the fellowship of Triune God. Perhaps you feel like you are in a pit or a dungeon the world has locked you in, with no hope for deliverance. There might be fear of the unknown future looming large over your head. There might be people who try to devour you like hungry lions in the den in which God makes you spend a night. You might be traveling in a boat in an unknown part of the sea of life, without seeing sunlight for several days. But your God will be with you in all these situations and will shine upon you with the light of His face. In His brightness, you will be able to see His face of hope, stability and certainty. He comes to comfort you today and reassure you that He will never withhold His shining face from you. Remember, Jesus is as real today in your life as He has always been, in your loneliness and isolation to strengthen your faith to keep going. When He is for you and with you, it doesn’t matter if others undermine you.

Psalms 34:5 – Those who look to the Lord are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

Thought for Today
God’s radiant face will show us the way forward when others shut us in darkness.

Prayer for Today
Lord: Keep my heart from discouragement when others pronounce doom on me. Amen!

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