Saturday, August 3, 2013


Prince on chariot!
Verse for Today: Saturday, August 03, 2013
Genesis 45:21 – Joseph gave (his brothers) chariots, as Pharaoh has commanded, and also gave them provisions for their journey.

It is amazing how God picks up His prince from the doldrums and puts him on a chariot to continue his sojourn! We see Jacob in the depths of dire spiritual, emotional and physical needs. He was depressed and he lost hope about God’s plan in his life. He also lacked food for the sustenance of his family. But God didn’t want him to continue to live in the depths of frustration and despair, but to live in victory. God has already prepared a dwelling place for him where all his physical needs would be met. God made way for him to be reunited with his beloved son Joseph. God wanted him to reach the pinnacle of his spiritual experience when he would be able to impart blessings on his children who would head the twelve tribes of Israel and carry his legacy forward. He would be fortunate to see the offspring of his son Joseph and adopt them as his heirs. He would soon see the way his son Joseph has been lifted up in this world and among his brothers in fulfillment of Joseph’s teenage dreams. Added to it all, God even prepared the chariots of Pharaoh for Jacob to travel. At this point in his life, Jacob had nothing better to ask for. All his burdens were being lifted up and all his questions were answered. God even made Jacob to bless Pharaoh, the richest emperor of the world at that time. We are today amazed at the way God lifted up Jacob His chosen vessel. God wanted him to live as a prince and not simply hold a name. God was to prove to Jacob and the world that His princes would travel by faith in the chariots of His promises here on earth. Today God reassures us that if we trust Him, we would live to reign in His spiritual kingdom victoriously. Soon He will move us into His millennial kingdom.  

Dear friend, are you reigning victoriously for God today or sinking deep in the miry clay of despondency? God has great plans for you and He wants you to lift up your head over the cluttering despair that tries to entangle you. He wants you to know that despair is a thorn that the enemy plants in your soul, but your Great Physician will pull it out and make you free of pain and misery. He wants you to reign as a spiritual victor over your circumstances which are debilitating and distressing. He wants you to travel on the chariots of great promises which your Lord sends you day after day from His eternal Word. You have unfinished spiritual task to take up for God and to further prepare your generations to claim the promises of God. He wants you to continue with your sojourn by faith and capture new territories for God. Today He wants to give you His provisions which are prepared for you for daily use. You must move forward a step at a time trusting God to lead and guide your future initiatives.  Your God will never plunge us into despair, but will only lift you up as He did to Jacob. Today the God of Jacob is on our side and He is working for our sustenance and strength. We must take steps of faith and experience how He meets all our needs from His reservoir in all our circumstances and situations. Let us ride on the chariots of provisions which the Lord has brought to us today and live like princes of God.

Psalms 46:11 – The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Thought for Today
We have to climb up out of the depths of despair by faith in order to travel on the chariots of God’s promises to newer heights of victorious living.

Prayer for Today
Lord: Hold my hands and help me out of the depths of my distress to ride on your bright promises. Amen!

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