Wednesday, August 7, 2013


God’s Antidepressant!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, August 07, 2013
Psalms 01:03 – (The blessed man) is like a tree planted by the streams of water…. whose leaf does not wither.

When we look around, we can see a lot of lives which are sagging like withered leaves. These lives progressively wither away because they don’t dwell near the cool living water and are not planted near to the water of life. When the poisonous wind of difficult situations blow on it, these leaves sag as they do not have the capacity to withstand pressures. They do not receive spiritual nutrition and water to keep be alive and grow stronger. The people of the world who do not have Jesus in their lives wither away and disappear into a Christ-less eternity. The people of God who keep themselves away from being planted near to the water of life in the Word of God also sag and get depressed because they do not have the time or interest to dwell near to the water of life. Many such lives try to survive on the world’s artificial nutrition for their minds, but slowly their spiritual tenor and texture elude them. Such people succumb to temptations and fall into the worldly ways of living. But Word of God today instructs us to be planted nearest to the water of life. This water is Jesus and His Word which ought to fill our lives so that we will not sag or become depressed. When we are thus rejuvenated by the Person of Jesus Christ and as His life and Word fill our hearts, our lives will become spiritually energetic, vibrant and exuberant. We would be filled with the Spirit and the Word which will become the spiritually sustainable force in our lives. A spiritual diagnosis of our lives each day with the help of the Word of God will reveal how much our lives are spiritually sagging. Today His Spirit invokes us to draw near to the cool waters of our Shepherd and drink to the brink to soak our souls so that we would experience spiritual vibrancy.        

Dear reader, is your life a sagging leaf which ebbs away from the spiritual realm in which you are placed? Are you experiencing spiritual coldness in your relationship with your Lord and His Word? Do you feel the loss of spiritual power to withstand the attacks of the enemy and do you become more and more depressed in life? Is the joy of the Lord in your life dwindling? Perhaps it is time to take a spiritual audit of your life to see how far you are drinking the water of life on a daily basis. Nothing that the world offers you will impact your spiritual life positively. On the other hand, it will only drain you of your spiritual energy and enthusiasm.  The panacea for all your spiritual ailments today is to get yourself firmly planted near the water of life and get yourself sink deep in it. The water of life will cure your spiritual weaknesses and mental depression and will give you the nourishment that you need to grow spiritually. The spiritual water of the Word of God will purge you of the worldly poisons of possessions, positions, prestige and prominence which the world lures you into. It will give you the vigor and vitality that you once had in your life and will enable you to withstand the pressures of the world upon you. Today you are challenged to be deeply rooted in the Word of God to fill your heart, mind and life to guide you as you face the pressures of the world and live to portray the life of Christ in its power all the days of your lives.

Psalms 92:13 – Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.

Thought for Today
The fruit of our tree of life will reveal whether we are planted on the side of the river of life or not.

Prayer for Today
Lord: Help me to dwell with you in your green pastures and cool waters
to revive my sagging soul from distresses. Amen!

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