Saturday, September 21, 2013


Divine Honor!

Verse for Today: Saturday, September 21, 2013

Psalms 89:50 – Remember, Lord, how Your servant has been mocked.

Mockery, ridicule, despising and rejection are realities that God’s servants often face. These come from foes and friends alike. Mockery is used by the enemy of our souls to weaken and frustrate us in our walk and warfare. The enemy resorts to psychological warfare to subdue us and make us retreat. When mockery breaks the hearts of God’s servants, they might be tempted to quit or slow down. But we can always go to our Lord to share our heartaches and misery as and when we encounter mockery and ridicule. The enemy tries to tell us that our weapons of faith will not stand the test of time. He will even turn the household of faith against us to prove that our spiritual stand and life of faith are too idealistic to be real. When we stand on faith and denounce all other avenues for survival, the enemy comes to ridicule us and show us how thoughtless and unintelligent we are. But our Lord watches the mockery and ridicule that His children are faced with. It is better to tell the Lord about our pain owing to mockery and leave it at His feet. Our Lord will avenge the enemy at the right time. At His time, He will respond in kind to all the ridicule that we face here on earth. He will wipe our tears, remove our fears and comfort us that we will soon receive His acclaim for all that we suffer here on earth for His name’ sake.  

Dear Friend, are you facing mockery and ridicule because of your ardent faith in the Lord and His Word? Is the world around you laughing at your faith as redundant which will not work in the modern world? Remember, those who follow the Lord truly will face such reactions from the world. Nehemiah faced such a situation when he was told by the enemy that his rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem would not stand the test of even a fox jumping over it. Jezebel mocked and threatened Prophet Elijah about his security and safety in God’s promises. The people mocked Noah for building a big ark to protect his family from such a strange event called rain which they had never seen before. The Goliaths of this world would heartily mock small Davids with their sling and stones and conclude that it would never work against a formidable enemy. In today’s world, the army of Gideon will be a laughing stock. They would mock at the six stone jars of Cana, the five loafs and two small fish in the desert for a large crowd of a few thousand hungry people, dipping in a river seven times for curing leprosy or a cloud of the size of a human hand for a thunderstorm. But we know that our Lord can work with little things as much as with big things. He understands our pain as we face the mockery of the world because of Him. Our Lord Jesus went through such mockery and despising in this world and so He will give us the grace to go through similar reactions of the world as He did. He will wipe our tears and strengthen our trembling hearts as we face ridicule and despising for His name’ sake. He will comfort us and reassure us of the great honor and recognition that await us at the Bema. He will transform our shame into jubilation when we see Him face to face. What awaits us in His presence is a fitting reward for our willingness to suffer mockery and rejection for Him today. 

Psalms 69:19 – You know how I am scorned, disgraced and shamed; all my enemies are before You.

Thought for Today
When the world mocks His children, God gives them patience to endure it and wait for heavenly honor.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: When I face ridicule because of my commitment to You, please help me to enjoy grace and strength to overcome all shame and discouragement. Amen!

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