Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Higher ground!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Psalms 86:4 – Bring joy to Your servant, for to You, O Lord, I lift up my soul.

Servants look to their Master for all their needs to be fulfilled. No matter who we are in this world, we are all servants of God to do His will. David was a king, but he also acknowledged that he was a mere servant of God to serve His people as their ruler. As the king, he had everything he needed to make him happy. But David had his own share of trials, tribulations and difficulties. He had servants to take orders to fulfill all his desires, but David recognized that he still had to pray and ask for God’s help. He had to learn that he couldn’t rule the country without God’s help and support. The problems of his kingdom, his people and his own household gave David enough and more heartaches and pain. He felt that he was still poor and needy and couldn’t face the realities of life without God’s help. His utter spiritual poverty was evident to him. He realized the threats he faced from the enemies and his own frailties. David felt the absence of true joy in life because of his situations and circumstances. David wanted to rise above the mundane and have his soul lifted up from the problems and threats to a higher ground. He wanted God’s joy to fill his heart and life. He underscored the fact that unless the Lord gave him, he would not find true joy and happiness. He recognized that the joy of the Lord would be his greatest strength to rule the country. His physical strength and that of his army couldn’t give him moral, social and spiritual strength to keep doing right things in the eyes of the Lord. David wanted to climb above all his problems and dwell in the presence of God to enjoy the security and safety that God alone would be able to provide. David’s noble longings in life challenge us today to rise above our situations and dwell with the Lord in His presence. When we lift up our hearts to the Lord, He will answer us and see us through our shattering experiences.

Dear reader, are you finding it difficult to cope with your cloudy situations in life? Do you find yourself intimidated by your problems and taking away your joy? But you don’t need to dwell in the ruts to suffer. God wants you to rise above your circumstances and dwell in His presence to find true joy and contentment. In God’s presence, you will find solutions to your problems and strength for every step of your way. God wants to remind you today that you cannot find true joy in your own way and through your efforts. He wants you to recognize that true joy comes by getting yourself lifted up to the presence of God and dwell there. He is above all your problems and circumstances and His presence rules and overrules all your situations. When you knock at His door, it will be opened to give you joy, peace, patience and faith in your situations. No matter what kind of wind is blowing against you, God will not permit you to be uprooted. When you wait for God in His presence, His Spirit will fill your heart and strengthen your soul. He will give you His peace that passes all understanding. He in control and that He will work out your situation for you. He will find a way out of your current predicaments. He will put His joy in your heart and fill it to overflowing.

Psalms 34:15 – The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their cry.

Thought for Today
The way out of our difficult situations is to be lifted up to the presence of God.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Please hold my hands and lift me up to higher grounds today to be filled with Your glory which will take away all my cares from me. Amen!

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