Monday, September 23, 2013


Lessons from hindrances!

Verse for Today: Monday, September 23, 2013

Psalms 66:6 – (God) turned the sea into dry land, they passed through the waters on foot – come let us rejoice in Him.

God uses the lives of His children to show that He is powerful and willing to turn impossibilities into realities. It is one thing to make people cross seas, but it is more amazing to see how they walk the dry land under the sea. We see God helping His people to cross the sea to continue with their sojourn. He does it according to the needs of the hour and the situation. He uses boats to help His disciples to travel through storms and waves. Paul was helped to cross the sea through a hurricane. God took Evangelist Philip to travel through the air to reach out to the Ethiopian Eunuch who was traveling on a chariot in a desert. He used a basket to transport Paul from trouble to safety. He prepared a fish to swallow and carry Jonah to the safety of the shore. Our God permits us sometimes to travel unhurt through waters and fire. Sometimes He works on the elements and put out its power to allow us to pass through. There are so many such situations in our lives today which we may not be even aware of. But God delivers us from snares and keeps us going in spite impending dangers and threats. He performs powerful acts of deliverance to help us to overcome hindrances. God’s children are blessed to pass through obstacles unhurt in order that His schedule in our lives may be kept. When we see such great acts of our God, it causes us to fall prostrate before Him to praise Him and to rejoice in His deliverance, restoration and victory.

Dear reader, are you facing hindrances and obstacles on the pathway on which the Lord has been leading you? Often hindrances are planted on our way by the enemy of our soul to slow us down or make us take a detour. But God transforms those hindrances into great opportunities to demonstrate His power in our lives. Sometimes God uses hindrances to teach us faith, patience and maturity. The lessons that we learn at such junctures will help us to learn great lessons which will strengthen us in our future experiences. But our human frailties often make us grumble about the tough tests in the Schools of Faith that our Lord has enrolled us in. When we reach a new hindrance in life, we tend to forget the past lessons in faith and fall into discouragement and anxiety. Sometimes we even ask God as to why He has forgotten us and dumped us mercilessly into such straights. Peter, Paul and Silas were in prisons, but they took it as God’s leading and praised Him for it. They were locked up in stocks, but prisons did not enter their souls. Their faith could not be put behind the bars by the authorities. They were peaceful and courageous and even sang praises to God openly and loudly. It is one thing to praise God after crossing the sea and getting a release from the prison, but praising God even during painful prison experiences is not easy. But our God is able to give us grace to enjoy prisons rather than endure it with grumbling. No matter what hindrances come your ways today, rest assured that your Lord knows all about it. He has a plan to help you overcome it and cross over to new pathway to progress. It is not a time to wallow over the hindrances, but to rejoice that your Lord will take you through it to the other side with jubilation and rejoicing.

Psalms 78:13 – He divided the sea and led them through; He made the water stand firm like a wall.  

Thought for Today
In God’s School of Faith, there are tough tests like crossing the seas, staying in Lion’s dens overnight and dwelling in furnaces.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Teach me today to learn lessons in faith as I face great hindrances in my sojourn. Amen! 

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