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Verse for Today: Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Isaiah 30: 18 - Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him.

Our God is gracious unto us because we are His children. He has blessed us positionally with all the blessings of the Heavenly Places, but we need to appropriate these blessings. We can claim these promises when we give up our own ways of living and confess our sins and shortcomings to Him and go to Him asking for Him to shower His blessings upon us. God waits for us to be right with Him so that His blessings can flow towards us. We cannot expect to live the way we want and desire God to give us all that He wants us to have. We cannot have our ways and at the same time His ways. Either we should choose to have our way and pick up all the consequences of it, or surrender ourselves to have God's way completely fulfilled in us. So God is looking at us and see if we would confess our sins and go to Him with our requests and supplications. In other words, God longs to show grace and mercy to us and He expects us to meet Him at His terms. We do not need to bribe God or give Him any thing in order for Him to be gracious to us. He is a gracious God and wants us to be blessed, but will do it only when we go to Him and confess our sins. He wants to show us His compassion and waits for us to go to Him with a surrendering and willing heart to receive what He wants to give us. When we confess our inadequacies, emptiness and incapability in managing our affairs our way, we need to wait for Him to acknowledge our sincere faith and confession and to receive His grace and compassion. Thus when we wait in His presence for Him to bless us, we become truly blessed people. As we wait, He fills our hearts with peace that passes understanding that He is at work for us and at the right time His help will come to meet our needs and to strengthen us in the challenges we face on a daily basis. In other words, our relationship with Him is mutual. We respond to His grace by our confession and He responds to our confession by pouring out His grace upon us.

Dear friend, have you been seeking the grace and compassion of our Lord for long? Are you getting tired of waiting? First of all, ask the Lord to give you the patience to wait for His time and enjoy His peace in the process. Secondly, look into your own heart to see if there are any wicked ways in you and confess it before the Lord. If there is any lack of surrender and consecration of your life to Him, it is time to do it right now. If you do not take time to do these, it would remain as a hindrance for you to appropriate the grace and compassion of our Lord. He wants you to express to Him your total inadequacy to run your life through your own wisdom, knowledge, experience, expertise, resources and with the support of world's latest technology. When you don't give God first and foremost place in your life, you are not ready to receive the best that He wants to give you. He wants to give His best to only those who want to make Him the Lord of all areas of their lives. He wants to trust you to possess His resources if only you are patient and matured to handle it for His glory and not for your exaltation. At the same time, He is the exalted God who waits patiently for you to go to Him and confess to Him that you are poor, wretched, broken and empty. As you confess, He wants you to wait patiently for Him to give you His best at His best time which He has designed for you. As we reach a stage when He has you completely surrendered in His hands, He pours out His riches for you to enjoy on a daily basis. He gives you victory on a daily basis and all the grace that you need to fight your battles and enjoy the fruit of His Spirit which includes patience, peace and joy. This is the true way to spiritual blessings as we wait for the Lord and for His time. May that be our experience even today to meet all the challenges we are faced with! Then waiting for Him itself becomes a joy and true blessedness.

Isaiah 40:29 - He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

Thought for Today
God waits for His children to straighten out their lives for His blessings to flow on to them and expects His children to wait for Him and His time to receive His blessings.

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