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Verse for Today: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Proverbs 18:10 - The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe.

A tower can be seen from a distance. Its stature invites attention. When one has lost the way, it helps to know the way by simply looking unto it. When there is other no place to go, one can go to the tower and stay there for protection and safety because it is a strong fortress. Our Lord is like a tower in the weary land for the sojourners. The very utterance of His name stands out like a tower for His children to depend on. His name is powerful and wonderful. His name tells us all that He is and all that He does for His children. His name is His character. It is like the roaring of the great water falls. When we call upon His name, all His power is made available to us at the very instance. When we lack direction in life, we can look at this strong tower and find our way. In fact, He is the way and all our journeys start from Him and through Him. If we look at this tower, we will never loose our way. The Lord's name stands out like a tower for His children to run into for help, support, strength, comfort, encouragement, peace and joy. No matter what our needs are, we have the privilege and prerogative to run to this great tower. The name of the Lord stands forever and so if we depend on His name, we will never be disappointed or disgraced. This tower is part of the fortress for all His children to go to when they are in trouble. We can always go to Him for answers to the puzzling challenges in life. We can confide in Him no matter what our circumstances are. When the enemy is attacking us through our circumstances, the name of the Lord will be our tower and fortress to take refuge in so that we will be secure. We are safe in Him because no power in this universe can penetrate Him to reach us.

Dear friend, are you lacking direction in your pathway today? Do you feel confused and have you lost your way? Are there too many distractions and detractors on your way? Is there continuous attack from the enemy in the various walks of your life? There is no need for you to loose heart. All you need to do is to lift up your head and look the strong tower and fortress of the Lord which is just ahead of you. You can run into Him who is your fortress, and He being the strong tower will guard you in safety. He is always available and He stands tall above all powers in this world. He invites us through His Spirit to go to Him and take refuge in Him. When we have Him as our refuge and fortress, we do not need to think about any other refuge. He stands out tall for His children who depend on Him. Our experiences in depending on Him in the past testify to each of us about His great power and strength to deliver His children from all their troubles. He is always available for His children. He never changes even when all around us change. No matter what our problems and difficulties are, the Lord is out there for us and He is all sufficient for all our situations. He is our refuge because we have received Him as our Savior and Lord. The Lord stands out as a strong tower for His children and because of His children. So dear friend, you need not be perplexed about your present trials and difficulties, but only need to go to the Lord who is your strong tower and fortress and take refuge in Him. He will give you the peace that passes all understanding about your difficult circumstances. His strength and power will flow to you from the tower to fortify you to keep going as led by Him in His pathways and purposes for His glory.

Psalms 61:3 - For You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe.

Thought for Today
When we call upon the Lord, the very utterance of His name emanates His power and strength for His children.

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