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Verse for Today: Sunday, February 06, 2011
Exodus 14:13 -
But Moses told his people, "Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again".

In times of peril, the world and our flesh expect and urge us to take some quick action. We are urged either to fight or flight. Fight comes from our flesh and intelligence that with our resources, we can try to win over the enemy. Flight comes from our fear that our enemy is strong and will come and destroy us. But the formula for safety given to us by the Lord is three fold. First we must shed our fears because He is with us and what He has promised to do for us still holds. We should not be afraid because the one who is with us is mightier than any sword, Chariot, horse or army. Secondly, we are asked to stand still and not go back until we are commanded to move. When we stand with the unmovable Rock of Ages, there is no need for us to move away. Nothing will happen to the Rock which is our refuge. Thirdly we need to stand and watch what the Lord will do for us. It is going to be a mysterious and amazing demonstration of divine power to deliver us which will cause us to praise and sing hallelujah to the Lord who is our deliverer. If He can bring us to this point, He is faithful to take us forward to our destination. The Lord has already written down our future in His Book, and no force in this Universe can alter it. But for all of these to be experienced, we need to throw away our apprehension and anxiety, and focus our eyes on the Lord and what He is about to do for us. Even if the enemy comes very near to us, the Lord will not allow the enemy to touch and hurt us. He has a plan and it will unfold according to His schedule. Our eyes should be focused on what the Lord will do for us and not what the enemy might do against us. His promise is to be fulfilled at a specific time frame and will not be delayed because the Lord has announced it.

Dear friend, are you cornered by the enemy from behind and all around? Do you find the greatest hindrance in front of your eyes? Is the situation you are faced with fierce and unique? Is the situation trying to drain your energy from you and making you loose your confidence? Remember, who is with you? It is the Lord who brought you so far and He has promised to take you to your final destination. If the pathway hitherto is any thing to go by, it would speak volumes about the way He is able to lead you and take you forward. He is the Lord who can take you out of your trouble without the use of sword or chariots. His right hand has brought you out of trouble and it is holding you even now. His hands are as powerful as they have always been. When He holds you by His hands, nothing untoward will happen to you. Not only that, while He holds you, He has asked that you hold Him and His promises firmly. You also have the company of a great cloud of witnesses who have trusted this Lord and come out by faith. Your faith in Him has to be contagious and should keep encouraging and strengthening you to strengthen others to keep going. When you and I cry unto the Lord in the wake of hindrances and phobias, you will hear His voice echoing in your heart that He will amaze you with His mighty acts specially designed for you. Not only that, what He is going to do for us is not seen nor heard by any one, and not even imagined by any body else so far. This is because the Lord has unique ways to deliver His people in unique circumstances. Our God's promises are predictable, but His ways are mysterious. We need the peace that passes all understanding to stand still, watch, experience and become a part of His amazing acts. He will never be late but will come to rescue us in mysterious ways to our amazement and for the praise of His name. God's rescue plan is sometimes before the trouble, sometimes through the trouble and sometimes even after the trouble, but in all of these situations, He guarantees to keep us safe and secure under His wings. Let us trust this great God to be our deliver even from the present predicaments.

Psalms 46:10 - Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Thought for Today
God of Heaven often waits for us to be still and put all our confidence in Him, and then His power will be demonstrated in and for us.

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