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Verse for Today: Friday, February 25, 2011
Isaiah 40:11 - He tends His flock like a Shepherd; He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.

We are fortunate to have the privilege to be led by the Lord as our great Shepherd. He doesn't lead His children like a cruel master or a military officer, but as a loving shepherd who knows His sheep intimately. He knows them so well to be able to distinguish them by their weaknesses, needs, capacity and prospects. He leads them as a holy fellowship under His leadership. He walks in front of them and leads them by His voice and presence. He knows those sheep that need special attention and emergency care. The younger ones are given special tender care by holding them in His arms, rather than dragging them to follow the elder ones in the fast track because He knows that they are weak and tend to be tired. They are close to His chest to enjoy the warmth, care and protection that they desperately need. He knows those who need to be led gently and those that might walk faster. Each one is led at his or her own pace. His leading is an indication of His special care because of His interest, commitment and loyalty to each of them. He doesn't leave any single sheep behind and none is left out. His heart is full of the interest, needs and burdens each of His sheep bears. He bears all these burdens and shows compassion and lovingkindness. His hand of discipline will be visible as necessary, but that is also need-based and positive rather than rule-based. We are fortunate to have such a tender, loving and compassionate Shepherd in our Lord. It is a great privilege to be led by this Shepherd because we are His personal possession that He secured by giving His life and blood for them to release them from the clutches of sin and Satan. It is our privilege and prerogative to take advantage of all the wonderful ministries that He renders to each of us to grow in His love and grace. There are thieves trying to take us away and wild animals to terrorize us to take detour rather than follow this wonderful shepherd and we need to beware lest we go astray.

Dear friend, aren't you glad that you are in the flock of the most loving and caring Shepherd you can ever get? He is your Lord who recreated you on the cross of Calvary by His own very blood and life. He has given you new life and has done everything needed to sustain you eternally. His very presence is a great strength to you. His arms are a great protection for you in all your situations. His voice is your greatest comfort in times of trouble. His heart warms you up when you are discouraged. His words are most soothing and full of lovingkindness. He instructs you and encourages you in your daily walk. He revives you when your spirit is sagging. He motivates you when you feel depressed. He warns you in times of danger and distraction. He is like the honey in the honeycomb even in the bitterest experiences of life. As you live in a hopeless world, He gives you hope for the brightest future. He guarantees perpetuity for you and promises to be with you all the way. His touch has given you healing from your sin-sickness and His hands help you to stretch your weakening knees as you struggle through the narrow way. When your shoulders ache because of the old rugged cross you carry, He helps you to carry the burden of the cross. He is the Good Shepherd who is with you in all situations and meet all your needs as you walk after the Man of Galilee who had no place to lay His head when foxes had their holes and birds had their nests. Walking in the edges of His ways with Him is the most exuberant way of life that is granted to you.

Psalms 78:52 - But He led forth His own people like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a flock.

Thought for Today
The sheep of the Lord find perfect peace and rest in times of trials when they realize that they are in the everlasting arms of their great Shepherd.

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