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Verse for Today: Tuesday, February 15, 2011
1 Samuel 14:6 - ".......Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few."

It is often seen that when the Lord and His people are challenged and mocked by the enemy, bold believers take up the challenge even publicly. David did that when he heard the insults and despising of Goliath the giant. Jonathan was confronted with a similar challenge by the enemy and he decided to go forward to face the challenge by trusting in the Lord. Jonathan knew from experience that for God to act, number and quantity are unimportant. In spite of small number and apparent inexperience on the part of God's children, they can still face the enemy because God is with them and that He will certainly stand with His children. God will never allow His children to fall into disgrace because when God's children are defeated by the enemy, the reputation of God is at stake. Just like Jonathan, all God's children can firmly believe that nothing is impossible with our God and that He can win the war whether the army is small or large. For the Lord, the horse or the chariot is immaterial because even when the smallest army of one person goes out against the enemy in the power of God, victory is absolutely certain. Our God is able to accomplish great things for Him through even the weakest of His children. Physical ammunition is not important for God to win a war. Skillful soldiers are also not required for victory. God's mighty power is sufficient to penetrate any strong wall which the world erects against His children. It is a great comfort for His children throughout all ages to confide in this strong, great and most powerful God to wage all their wars for them and to take them forward through victory. Means are not important for Him because no power of the enemy is a near match for the Lord of Lords.

Dear friend, are you being confronted by the enemy today to create fear in you? Do you face challenge and mockery from the enemy? Is the enemy trying to use circumstance to discourage you to withdraw from the battle? Is he trying to terrorize you by showing his might and weapons? There is no need for us to even look at the weapons and the tactics of the enemy, but to look unto the Lord who is the author and finisher of our faith. What the Lord has started in us will be completed by Him because of His faithfulness to us and to His promises. Any of the weapons of the enemy or the tactics of the world doesn't matter for the Lord because His power surpasses all the strength of the enemy. If we take the Lord and His promise by faith, He will definitely honor it. So all we need to do is to exercise our faith and go forward in the name of the Lord as in the case of David and Jonathan. He will trample the enemy under our feet, not through our might or skill, but through the exhibition of His mighty power. So no matter what our weaknesses are or how poor our resources might look, we can still go forward. We can command the hindrances created by the enemy to move away in the name of our Lord. But we need preparedness to face the enemy with much prayer so that our spirits will be exercised to use the power of God through His Spirit. We need to fully trust Him and to depend solely on His power only. His power comes to us when we are filled with His Spirit. So for spiritual battle, we should constantly be filled with the Spirit of God so that we will be able to take up the challenge of the enemy in His power. When we fight with the whole armor of God, enemy's fortresses will crumble and the name of the Lord will be lifted up. So dear friend, no matter how our circumstances are manipulated by the enemy to terrorize or challenge us, let that not bewilder us, but let us be courageous and bold before the Lord, using His armor to fight by faith so that we can march forward from victory to victory.

Psalms 18:35 - You give me Your shield of victory, and Your right hand sustains me; You stoop down to make me great.

Thought for Today
God's children win battles against the enemy of our souls when we are fit and humble instruments in His hands.

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