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Verse for Today: Sunday, February 27, 2011
Isaiah 40: 31 - (But) they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

We are reminded today that there is absolutely no disappointment for those who wait upon the unchanging Lord. We are commanded to wait for the Lord and are guaranteed that there is no scope for frustration as we wait upon the Lord. Even as we wait, we will soar to higher spiritual vistas in our faith and hope that the answer to our prayers will come from the Lord at the right time. As we reach higher levels of faith, we will be satisfied with waiting and not even concerned as to when the answers will come. But there is the divine assurance that God's answers are on the way and that we are given the confidence to keep waiting for the Lord and for His perfect timing. When we run the race with hope, we are guaranteed that we will not be weary, but jubilant because each step we take in our race or walk is a step towards the fulfillment of our faith and hope in the Lord. When the Almighty has promised to answer our prayers, we do not need to wait in a stationary position, but can keep moving forward without weariness and fainting. As we run, the Lord fortifies our bodies and spirits without sagging. He keeps renewing our hope in Him and His promises. This hope is renewed each step of the way which makes our race quite enjoyable and exciting because we are running with the Lord and dashing into His purposes and plans for us. We are challenged not to retreat, but to ebb forward without regard to the discouraging environment around us. The enemy of our souls will try to make our going tough and clutter our circumstances, but if we look unto the the Lord who is the author and finisher of our faith, we would be able to run without weariness and walk without fainting.

Dear friend, perhaps you have been waiting for quite some time for the Lord to fulfill His promises to you. When the waiting is for long, it is likely that we go weary of waiting. The enemy of our souls will try to sow doubt and disbelief in our hearts to shake our faith and trust in the Lord. So as we run our race of faith, we need to make sure to focus our attention on the Lord who has called us into this race for Him. He helps us in our race and renews His promises to us to keep on waiting for His time to come. Any attempt to fast track will take us through detours which will defeat God's purpose in taking us through His pathway. Waiting is an act of faith. Only those who are matured can wait with faith for an unrevealed future. Waiting produces patience in us to keep waiting further. The more we wait, the more the strength that is poured into us to keep waiting further. The Lord's schedules are perfect and He is never late for a second. What He wants to accomplish in and through us will be accomplished at the right time. But His waiting might also means that we are not ready for the answers. So today if the Lord is waiting to answer you, it is because He is in the process of making you ready for the answers. The answers might mean that you need to be stronger to receive the answers and will know how to handle the answers in a matured way. So as we wait for the Lord, let us spend our time and energy to ask Him to make us more matured. Let us allow Him to make us stronger. Let Him use His Spirit to prepare us for the answers that He is readying for us. In the process, we will receive the peace that passes all understanding that He is not inactive while we are asked to wait. His delays, if any, are divinely appointed and the time we spend with Him in waiting is most precious for us in fellowship and hope. His answers are on the way and so let us prepare our hearts and wait patiently for Him to unfold the future events so as to take glory through it all.

Psalms 103:5 - (The Lord) satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Thought for Today
Impatience will eat an unripened fruit which will sour in the mouth whereas waiting will eat a ripened fruit which will be sweet and aromatic.

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