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Verse for Today: Monday, February 21, 2011
Isaiah 28:29 - This also comes from the Lord of hosts, who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in working.

The way the Lord handles His children is amazing. He knows the basic characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and sensitivities of each of His children and will give them experiences to build them up and not tear them down. He knows the limit to which each child can handle different life experiences and gives them experiences according to their capacity to take each experience. His desire for them is to make them come out stronger from each experience. He is aware of our capacity and has different handling methods for each of us. He acts through His wonderful counsel and knowledge about each of us. He is like a mother who knows the tastes and requirements of each of her children. He is like a shepherd deal with each sheep according to their peculiar capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. His dealings with each of us are thus according to His intimate knowledge of each of us. It is amazing to realize that He chooses experiences for each of us and allows us to go through it. This is why some go through fire, but not all and some are put in lion's den and not all of His children. Some go through ship wreck and storms, while others have milder experiences. But through it all, His intention is that His children come out victorious. We might go through painful experiences, but His loving hands are underneath us so as not to hurt us. The experience in itself can be tough and rough, but we are in His loving hands and will continue to enjoy His lovingkindness, mercy and grace to enable us to grow in our relationship with the Lord. It is all done according to His wise counsel which guides us in the way His plan works for us.

Dear friend, perhaps you feel that you are brought through tough experiences in life which are at times unbearable. But please know that even though you are threshed, it is done in a special way so that it will not hurt you or pressed beyond your capacity. He is only using a staff or rod to thresh you and not a threshing instrument and its cartwheel. He will not allow you to be ground with a horseman. This is because He knows that you are soft and thin in your emotions, and will not be able to bear the heavy and sharp instruments on you. This is the hand of the Lord who loves you so much as to care for you like a mother cares for her little ones. You can see that different believers are allowed to go through different experiences to groom and develop them. All the Bible characters have different experiences which the Lord allowed them to go through in order to learn great spiritual lessons. How glad we should be when we all go through different experiences in life which the Lord gives us in His infinite wisdom and wise counsel! He knows what is best for each of us and what we can bear with. We are all taught through different experiences at different times in our lives. When we are new believers the experiences He gives us are probably less tough as compared to what is given to those who have known Him for a longer time. When we are allowed to go through the heat of the wilderness, He allows us to lean on to Him so as not to feel the heat and the thirst which we find there. So let us be thankful that the Lord gives us only what we can take and what He knows to be of great spiritual value to us.

Psalms 92:5 - How great are Your works, O Lord, how profound Your thoughts!

Thought for Today
Even when we are allowed to go through threshing instruments and cartwheels of life, it is wonderful to know that we are in the loving arms of our beloved Lord.

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