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Verse for Today: Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Psalms 37:18 – The days of the blameless are known to the Lord, and their inheritance will endure forever.

The world tries to predict events and incidents of daily life through false prophecies and probability theories. But the end of each day their predictions prove to be wrong. They create a mindset and bondage in people towards more such false predictions. But everyday God comes to tell the people of the world that if they are willing to hand their lives over to Him, He will handle their days with all its unknown events and incidents. God is the creator of days and nights and He rules and overrules all days with its happenings. He knows for sure how things are going to turn around.   There is no fatalism in God’s calendar of events, but full of steps of faith for His children. When they leap forward by faith and trust in God, He takes care of all their emotional, physical and spiritual needs on all the days of their lives. Whenever they eat, He speaks to them about spiritual hunger and heavenly bread. When they are thirsty, He reminds them about the living water. When they take a walk, He tells them about the spiritual walk. Their clothes speak to them about the cloth of righteousness. Their homes remind them of their eternal home. Their sleep tells them about spiritual rest. All day and night, our God speaks to us about how He cares for us each moment. Those who hand their lives to God can relax and rejoice that they have such a Great, Majestic and Awesome God who is fully in charge of their daily as well as eternal life. We have to commit our lives to God by faith and trust Him for each moment that He gives us to live for Him. We need not waste our time and life to indulge in amassing assets here on earth, but work hard to increase our investment in heaven. A life of faith is thus a carefree life that is abandoned on the Lord Jesus Christ and lived with the certainties of victorious daily living.

Dear reader, are you groping in the dark about what might happen to you each day of your life? Do you have anxious moments because of the looming uncertainties around you? Are you afraid about what might happen to you each day and live with intimidating thoughts and anguishes about your future? But it is better to hand your life over to God who knows all the tomorrows of your life rather than make a mess of it yourself. When you turn your life over to God, all uncertainties give way to assurances and certainties. God alone can assure you about your present and future life because He knows all your tomorrows with all its events and incidents. When He is the anchorman of your lifeboat, there is no room for any anxiety or anguish about the unknown future. Not only that, He knows what you need on all your tomorrows. He has abundance of resources to meet all your emotional, physical and spiritual needs and His channels of blessings ceaselessly flow towards you. He guarantees your safety, security and serenity as you rest in Him. His peace that passes all understanding will prevail in your heart on all the days of your life. His hands of mercy and compassion will cover you all around to protect and provide for you. Even when you do not know where to put your next step, He knows all about it and has marked out your steps according to His will and pleasure. As God’s child, your life is programmed by His divine hands and you have the privilege to hold Him tight as He holds your hands to lead you into the future without any uncertainty. You are called to a life of certainty and assurance without wavering.

Psalms 23:6 – Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Thought for Today
Leaving our future steps to God and walking by faith is the greatest adventure of life.

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