Friday, January 25, 2013


Liberal Giver!
Verse for Today: Friday, January 25, 2013
Psalms 78:15 – He split the rocks in the desert and gave them water as abundant as the seas.

God meets the needs of His precious children in the most hopeless places, in the most abundant measure and through unusual meas. Means are no problem for Him because He can make any of the elements He created to obey Him and produce what He orders. That’s why even a rock could break open and become an ocean of living water. The desert which is the most unlikely place for water is no deterrent for Him because even there He keeps His reservoirs ready for His children. His resources for His children are immeasurable, vast and abundant as seas. God gives according to His status and dignity and as per His measure which is as great as God Himself. He doesn’t give according to human standards, but according to divine standard. When He gives, it amazes all who receive it because it is far beyond any one’s expectations or dreams. When we go through desert-like situations with no help from around, He is with us and keeps supplying our needs abundantly according to His measure and time. If we lack water to drink and go around with parched throats, it affects His dignity. So God gives so much of water to the Israelites that their cattle could also drink sufficiently. As He meets our needs in the deserts of this world, it strengthens our faith in His ability and willingness to give at the right time in the right measure to meet the right needs. Each of His children would be in a position to look back into their yesteryear and testify that our God is the greatest giver and He is the owner of the greatest reservoir of resources. We can also authentically say that He is the most generous giver. He doesn’t give according to our qualifications, but according to our needs and on the basis of His measure of compassion to us. Today He is out there waiting for us to ask so that He can fill us to overflowing.

Dear friend, are you sojourning through hard and hot places in life? Do the toils of life make you weary and weak? Are your situations depriving you of the basic needs in life? Is your throat parched because of the heat and because you have been crying aloud for help? If you ask the Lord, He will open your eyes to see the rocky water reservoirs kept full for you to imbibe. He will split the rock at the right time for water to flow like a sea for you to drink to the brink. Your Lord gives to you abundantly and immeasurably until your thirst is fully quenched. He uses His vast hands to give you to meet all your needs. Probably you are going through shortages, inadequacies and insufficiency in life. But you don’t need to stay thirsty, hungry and deprived, but just go to your All-Sufficient Lord. He is the greatest giver who gave His only begotten Son for mankind to show His love to us.  He gives His best to His children. He treats us with dignity and decorum and invites us to His banquet house.  His resources will never exhaust and they keep overflowing all the days of our lives. Today He asks us to appropriate His provisions kept for us. Even as He gives us, we are to go and take also. He leads us to the quiet waters to which we can go and possess to enjoy. Today there is no need for us to live as paupers, but as the precious children of the Great King to possess and enjoy all that has been set apart for us.

Psalms 78:16 – He brought streams out of a rocky crag and made water flow down like rivers.

Thought for Today
The generous and immeasurable giving by God shows how great He is and how vast His resources are. 

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