Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Preserving and sustaining!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, January 02, 2013
Psalms 16:1 – Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You.

In a world of change and decay, everyone is looking for ways to sustain and preserve them and theirs. Dependence on world’s agents of preservation have not kept our bodies, minds, souls, families and nations from decay, but have made our situations worse than ever before. Human bodies fall a prey to emerging diseases, minds engulf into deeper depression, souls in greater bondage of besetting sins, families irreparably shattered and nations deeply divided. But those who take refuge in God have found that they are sustained in spite of the decay that is abounding. When we submit our bodies, minds, souls, character and families to God, we can experience His work of preserving and sustaining. David was able to find the wisdom of submitting all that he had to God to find it all given the seal of eternity on it. So David’s kingdom will continue in God’s eternal plan. His Capital would be used with eternal value even through the millennium when Jesus would sit and rule the world from there. Wherever and whenever David did not submit anything to God, it was found to have undergone decay. When His mind was at rest in the Lord, he was given eternal hymns to sing. David’s experience challenges us today to submit all that we have and are to God and take refuge in Him for Him to preserve and sustain. Joseph had the grace to submit his character to God who preserved him as a great role model for others to follow. Daniel submitted his devotion to God and God used him to reveal His prophetic plan for the world through him. Paul submitted his zeal to God who used it with eternal impact through the church. God’s choice servants took refuge in His presence when they were under severe testing, attack and intimidation and they were all preserved and sustained by Him. Today God is faithful to sustain us if we take refuge in Him and His grace.

Dear friend, are you confronted by the decay and destruction that is around you which try to eat away your hope and confidence about the future? Are the attacks of the enemy through your circumstances and situations bewildering you? Are you filled with fear, apprehension, doubt and confusion about how the decay and destruction would affect your body, soul and mind? But there is great encouragement for you today through the experience of David to take refuge in God who will neither despise you nor reject you. You can depend on His power to preserve and sustain you in faith and in grace. He will strengthen your heart and mind to rest in His presence and in His Word. His Spirit who lives in you will prevent your heart from plunging into fear and despair. He will strengthen you to look unto Jesus and get encouraged. He will remind you of the great promises He has given you through His Word. God’s Spirit will erect a firewall of faith and confidence around you so that the decaying environment will not penetrate you. He will protect your body, mind and soul from deteriorating and diminishing in spiritual vitality and vibrancy. Peter experienced such spiritual blessing the night before he was scheduled to be executed by Herod. Paul experienced spiritual confidence and courage when he went through innumerable attacks of the enemy. Joseph, Elijah, Daniel and Nehemiah experienced the same grace and came out of their decaying situations. Once you take refuge in God, you can keep looking at the author and finisher of your faith who will keep you going. God our refuge is available to us today to rely on and to confide in for peace, safety, courage, confidence and strength.

Psalms 9:9 – The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.

Thought for Today
God as our refuge can be experienced only by those who have full dependence and trust in Him to sustain and preserve them.

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