Thursday, January 17, 2013


Wait! Answers on the way!!
Verse for Today: Thursday, January 17, 2013
Psalms 38:15 – I wait for You, O Lord; You will answer, O Lord my God!

In the midst of intense trials and tribulations, it is not easy to wait for any meaningful time frame. The tough situations that we encounter will make us impatient and restless. Sometimes we tend to quit and at other times we resort to fight back. But to wait for God to handle our situation demands tremendous patience and maturity. The need of the hour is to wait for the Lord to speak to us. But when we are sure that the Lord has spoken to us, we must take heed to His admonition. We find David waiting for the Lord to help him with the next step in his sojourn. Joseph and Daniel kept quiet in their extremely volatile situations and found God’s answers to their situations. Nehemiah kept building the walls of Jerusalem. Paul continued his ministry in different places even when some people rejected him in Jerusalem and Rome. David’s willingness to wait for God is voluntary submission to His time to go to the next step in his life. It shows his total surrender which comes from the conviction that God alone would be able to handle his situation. His sufferings from the hands of the enemy did not make him respond in kind, but with patience and endurance. David believed that there would be justice from God and that God would respond to his enemies who tried to persecute him without any reason. So David kept sending his prayers off to the Throne of Grace and waited for His answers. His prayers came out of his ardent belief that his God would show him a way out of his situation at the right time. David’s experience tells us today to keep praying and waiting for God to deal in our bitterest situations for justice, peace and rest.

Dear reader, are you going through times of intense trials and tribulations in life? Is the heat of your situation reaching unparalleled heights? Is your heart aching because of the extent of evil intentions of your enemies? There is no reason to doubt evil motives in the enemies because they are all instruments of the enemy of your soul who wants to see you destroyed. But you know for sure that your God will not permit your destruction and that He will not want to see you harmed. All your prayers are registered in the presence of God who hears your utterances and accepts your petitions. Your voices of anguish and groaning have already reached the presence of your God who will not sit idle when you are tampered with. Your enemy will be made to understand that those who touch God’s beloved are touching God Himself. Our God is a consuming fire who will react when His children are mistreated and abused. But if we take revenge, we will deny God the opportunity to handle the situation according to His sovereign will. David sets a great example for us to handle persecution and persecutors in our daily lives. Let us submit our concerns and burdens to the Lord with humility and perseverance and wait for Him to act. Let us confess all our shortcomings so that nothing will ever stand between our prayers and our God.  When we pray with such a contrite heart, our God will hear us and answer us at the right time to give us deliverance and release from our painful situations. Let us today allow God to take full control of our situations so that all glory for all that happens to us will go to Him alone.

Psalms 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God.

Thought for Today
They that wait for the Lord’s time will see how He answers our prayers to handle our situations.
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