Friday, January 11, 2013


Grace for the lonely!
Verse for Today: Friday, January 11, 2013
Psalms 25:16 – Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.

In spite of the global population explosion, this world is a lonely place where a lot of lonely people cry for friendship, compassion and love. There are physically and emotionally injured people crying for healing. There are hungry people crying for food and water. Those who are socially and economically isolated cry out for acceptance. But the greatest loneliness is spiritual where people are isolated from God. We find a lot of isolated and insulated people in all the crowds that we see in schools, trains, buses, streets and malls. Loneliness suffocates people for want of social acceptance. Loneliness is often the result of rejection, resentment and withdrawal. When lonely people cry out for help, they rarely find someone looking at them with compassion. But if only they cry out to God for help, they would find fulfillment, for God wants to give lonely people love, acceptance, fellowship and companionship. He has abundance of grace to all who cry unto Him. He visited depressed and lonely people in their lowest situations in pits, prisons, homes, battlefields, workplaces and even in religious centers. Lonely people are afflicted in their souls. Their hunger and thirst for fellowship and acceptance can only be satisfied by God. David went through intense loneliness and isolation and he was cornered by his enemies. No one had any compassion for him and instead he was met with treachery, spying, gossip and distortions. He had no place to go except the wilderness, forests, mountains and caves to hide from his enemies. But when he cried unto God, He turned to David with grace and compassion. He gave David divine fellowship, grace, healing, restoration and deliverance. He knew God so well as to know His heart and received the enabling to write part of the Scriptures.

Dear friend, are you a lonely, afflicted and frustrated person with deep desire for fellowship, friendship, companionship and healing? If you cry unto God who is the embodiment of true love, compassion and healing, He will turn His face towards you graciously and heal you of your emotional infirmities. Perhaps you have so many burdens in your soul which takes a heavy toll on your body. You might be experiencing financial crisis, sickness of loved ones, broken relationships in your family circles, rebellion among children and spiritual burden for your nearest and dearest ones. Perhaps you are exasperated because the answers to your prayers are very slow to come by and you thirst for a long time to see the glimpse of light in the horizon. But if you look unto the hill of heaven from where your help will come, and cry out of burdens, your Lord will turn his face towards you graciously and pour compassion and love on you. He doesn’t want you to carry all these burdens alone, but to place it at His feet and He will carry it all for you. He will find answers to your overwhelming questions and puzzles. As you wait for the answers, the Lord’s presence will be with you to fill your heart with patience, peace and rest. The Lord will show grace and mercy and send you the right solutions to your problems. He will lighten your heavy burdens and unshackle you from the emotional bondage. He lifted up the burdens of David, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah and Paul at the right time and allowed them to keep going with the missions that He had for them. They enjoyed His favor, love and compassion on a daily basis as they fought battles, carried burdens and wiped their tears. Today your Lord will turn to you with passionate love and abundant grace to help you meet all your challenges in life.

Psalms 34:19 – Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Thought for today
The wings of the grace of God will take us to heights where loneliness and afflictions will not reach.

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