Sunday, January 13, 2013


Pierced hands at work!
Verse for Today: Sunday, January 13, 2013
Psalms 29:10 – The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord is enthroned as King forever.

If anyone thinks that the aberrations in nature are a spontaneous phenomenon, he is far from reality. There is divine control over the ups and downs in weather around us. God speaks to man through changes in natural phenomena like rain, snow, temperature, waves, wind and storms. God has a message of warning to the world about the way He administrators our environment. God also has a message of protection and care to His children through these changes. There are times when the enemy of our souls sends storms, wind and waves to create fear and anxiety in us. But our God interferes to send us through it all to the other side of the sea of life. During the great flood of Noah’s times, our Lord was at the controls to speak to the world about His judgment and at the same time saw His children through the flood without getting hurt. He controlled the elements to create safe passage and direction for His children. The same water used to judge the sinning world was used to protect and guide His children for a new beginning. Today God allows His children to go through floods, but there is a guarantee that it would not hurt them. We don’t know for how long the flood will last, but His grace will be upon till the very end. He provides for all our needs during the flood and has a plan for our needs afterwards. He gives His children the peace that passes all understanding that one of these days the flood will be over and that they would land on dry ground. Today God speaks to His precious children that He is enthroned as the King of their lives and the King of the whole universe to facilitate and perpetuate their sail through the sea of life.

Dear friend, are you going through floodwaters of life which try to engulf you? Are you unable to see the other side of the sea of life and that there seem to be no end to floods of crises one after the other? Is the awesomeness of the floods of pressure, stress and tension trying to devour you? If you look back to the yesteryears of your life, you will be able to see that events in your life have been going on according to the divine calendar to accomplish His purpose in your life. He has led you through flood, fire, storms, wind and waves and brought you to this point in your life to teach you great spiritual lessons of faith, trust. He has used your situations to test your dependence on Him. The earthly pillars on which you put your trust would have disappointed you. But there is no disappointment with your Lord. He knows you and your situations before the floods started and through the flood with its fierce power. His hands are at the control panel of this universe as well as your life. He will allow you to go through seemingly tough situations, but these will pass away as planned by Him to accomplish great spiritual milestones in your life. He will never take His hands from protecting and providing for you in the heights of flood and storms. He gives you emotional strength and courage to look at the flood and praise Him. He will brighten your spiritual eyes to focus on His mighty hands of care and compassion during the flood. Today you can enjoy rest and peace in the presence of your King rather than look at the storms and the waves and be afraid. Our God is the King of the flood, fire, waves, storms and the wind and He sees His precious children through it all and brings them out victoriously.

Psalms 46:3 – (Therefore we will not fear), though the waters of the sea roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.

Thought for Today
When we travel with the Lord through the floods, our eyes ought to behold His nail pierced hands which are at the controls.

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