Sunday, August 21, 2011


Anchor in the troubled seas of life!

Verse for Today: Sunday, August 21, 2011

Psalms 57:7 – My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing, yes, I will sing praises!

The troubled seas of life make life waffle like a thin boat. There is no stability in anything and the mind will wiggle and waggle with thoughts of anxiety and fear. Hope wanes and vanishes in the billows and life hinges on the wind and the waves without direction. But even in such high seas of life, there is an anchor for God’s children. In the midst of utter hopelessness, they can cast their anchor on their Lord and on His promises which would never change. There might be some instability in the circumstances and situations, but their lives are anchored on the Rock of Ages who is eternally stable and steadfast. He never changes even when everything around them change and decay. When there is hopelessness, He fixes our hope in His never-changing promises which hold true. So when there are occasions of uncertainties and instability, He calls all His children to cast their cares upon Him and relax. The sea will calm and the wind will stop. But even if it doesn’t stop immediately, the Lord is their guarantee that nothing untoward will ever happen to His children who are precious in His sight. His Spirit will keep strengthening His children and put comfort in their hearts. As they meditate upon His Word, the Spirit will illuminate the glory of the Lord and will generate faith in their hearts to keep trusting Him. This will make them sing hymns of faith, trust, strength, comfort, encouragement, certainty, consolation and peace. As they enjoy His care and comfort, it causes them to praise Him for all their circumstances because they know that He knows about all their circumstances and will get them through it all for His glory.

Dear friend, are you going through the sea bellows of life today and do not know where you seem to be heading to? If you know who controls your life and circumstances, you do not need to know exactly in what direction you are moving. Your Lord knows where you are going and what direction your life is taking because He is your anchorman. He never makes mistakes and nothing is covered from His eyes. In His eternal wisdom and knowledge, He knows where things are moving towards in your life. He has enough provisions for you to meet all the challenges which lie ahead. If there are dangers, He knows about it in advance and will make provisions to deliver you from it. If there are junctions, He will erect sign boards for you to follow the right way. If there are detractors, He will see to it that you will not be deceived by the confusions they try to create to make you take detours. If you loose the way, He will come to you as your Way, the Truth and the Life. He walks with you and also walks in front of you to give you companionship and fellowship on the way and to put a song in your heart for you to sing along. He causes you to praise Him for all that He is doing for you every moment of your life. There will be no dull moment in your life when you enjoy His company and fellowship. Such consciousness of life will make you steadfast and fixed in the perspectives of life because such a life is anchored on the Lord Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Such faith caused Paul and Silas sing songs of praise in the Philippian Jail and Joseph to keep serving Him in the prison in Egypt. Today you have the opportunity to walk with Him with songs in the day time and songs in the night and praise His holy name for His mighty power demonstrated each moment in your life.

Psalms 56:11 – In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?

Thought for Today
When I travel with the Lord on the sea billows of my life, even the movement of my boat is rhythm for the songs which He gives in my soul to praise Him.

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