Saturday, August 20, 2011


Fighting Fear!

Verse for Today: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Psalms 56:3 – When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.

Fear makes people either run away from the scene or surrenders to it and get stuck. When they are cornered, they might sometimes react violently against the object of their fear. Flight would make them afraid all the more because the object of the fear will follow them wherever they try to escape. Running away is mostly considered a cowardice act. Violent reaction against the object of fear will not bring forth any positive result because it doesn’t destroy the object of fear, but will only end up in using up our energy. Both of these acts tend to make people weaker physically and emotionally. When fear grips us, we might not be able to do either of these because the situation might make us emotionally paralyzed. But the Psalmist wants to suggest to us from his experience that when we are captured or hindered by a situation, we should not run away or fight back. The only expedient thing to do is to stay quiet like an innocent dove and put our trust in the Lord because He is able to deliver us. There was nothing that David, the warrior, could do to get out of His difficult situations. But as he was remaining quiet, his heart was in communion with the Lord. He put his trust in the Lord to keep him safe when he was in the enemy’s net. When God’s people are thus gripped by fear which is their worst enemy, they have a Lord to go and tell about all their fears. When we know that He hears our prayers, it gives us great confidence to keep trusting Him during our fearful situations. When fear and anxiety knock at the door of our hearts, our trust in the Lord will put confidence and hope in our hearts. At such moments, we can enjoy the liberty and deliverance that He gives us.

Dear friend, are you presently going through fear and anxiety which have made you a prisoner of these emotions? Do you feel that you are in a hopeless situation because you can’t do any thing about it? Is fear tempting you to run away to a safe haven? You probably know for sure that running away will not b easy because you are bound by powerful and intimidating situations. But your Lord has given you a way out of your binding situations by giving you a key to the dungeon where you are imprisoned. The name of that key is ‘faith’ in your Lord. The moment you have become a child of God, He has given you this key to open any door of fearful obstruction or hindrance on your way to follow the Lord Jesus. You are free to use this key and put all your trust in the Lord to help you open the door of your prison cell and come out in His name. So when fear grips you, you can wake up to the reality that there is no need for you to surrender to your circumstances or to the enemy of your soul. You are given the privilege and authority to put your trust in the Lord who is greater than all your circumstances. If you put your trust in Him and open the dungeons of your life with the key of faith, the hindrance will be removed and the door will be open for you to go forward. When Jacob was in Paddan Aram, he used this key to get out of the bondage he experienced in the house of his father-in-law. Joseph used this key to come out of his dungeon in Egypt. Daniel used it successfully in the lion’s den. Peter, Paul and Silas used it in Jerusalem and Philippi to get deliverance from prisons. It is a key which has proved its credibility and power. It is a special gift from the Lord to you. If you use it, the result will be positive. It is a powerful key because it comes in the name of our Lord with His authority and power. Throughout the last several centuries, scores of God’s children have used it with guaranteed result. Today we have the privilege to use it to get out of our dungeons and become free from the snares of our circumstances. Let us not be afraid today because of our situations or our enemy, but use the key of ‘faith’ and open the doors which are closed in front of us. Let us put all our trust in the Lord. Let us not be tempted to use our trust in our education, wealth, experience, relationships or intelligence, but on the Lord only and He will guide us and take us forward to freedom and joy in Him.

Psalms 115:11 – You who revere the Lord, trust in Him; He is their help and their shield.

Thought for Today
The key of faith will work on any door of hindrance created in front of us by the enemy.

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