Monday, August 22, 2011


Inexhaustible Kindness and Utter Faithfulness!

Verse for Today: Monday, August 22, 2011
Psalms 57:10 – For great is Your loving-kindness, reaching to the heavens; Your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

A person who experiences the loving-kindness and faithfulness of the Lord only knows how vast and tall it is. In essence it is immeasurable and unfathomable. It is vast in comparison to the mundane needs of the people of God. No matter who vast our needs are, it just cannot exhaust the loving-kindness and faithfulness of God. It is like an ocean which is available for us to enjoy and yet in comparison, it can only be like a little boy taking a hand full of water from it. In other words, God’s kindness and faithfulness to His children will be inexhaustible and incomprehensibly high. The Spirit of God wants to impress upon His children that so much of His kindness and faithfulness are made available to us to experience and enjoy so that all our possible needs can be met. God deals with us with such an inexhaustible measure of His kindness and that His faithfulness will reach up to all our situations. God will show kindness to us and deal with us in compassion. He will show faithfulness in fulfilling all His promises which are recorded in His Word. When we have such a great God who is faithful to us for generations, why should we not enjoy it? What can prevent us from appropriating it other than our lack of desire for Him? When such a God of kindness and faithfulness is with us to give us all that we ever need and fill us with Him, there is really no reason why we should live below the level of His blessings. Those who experience it can only say with wonder and awe about its vastness and praise Him for His benevolence and grace in making us partakers of such a great mine full of kindness. It will be to our utter loss if we miss out on such a great, faithful and kind God.

Dear reader, have you ever felt the need for appropriating the vast reservoir of kindness and faithfulness of the Lord in your life? Those who need His kindness only need to go to Him and ask for it and He will make it available to them in such a great and immeasurable level. There is abundance of His kindness to meet every need. He gives far beyond what we ever ask for or expect. But we need to learn how to appropriate it and make it part of our lives. We are all positionally given His kindness to enjoy, but we need to make it ours. It is like the Israelites picking up the manna in the morning. It was available around them, but unless one goes to pick it up, that person won’t be able to enjoy it. We find God’s servants like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, David, Gideon, Nehemiah, Ezra, Daniel and others enjoying God’s kindness and faithfulness in their walk with Him. They were needy and they went to Him for His kindness which He gave them immeasurably. He allowed His servant Paul and his associates enjoy abundance of His kindness in times of great spiritual and psychological needs. When they all cried unto the Lord, He answered them and showed them kindness and compassion. He held their hands and took them through the rough patches of life. The Lord proved His faithfulness to all of them at all situations. Through the centuries, He has demonstrated His kindness to all His servants and it was available for the asking. Of course, it depends on our felt needs, our awareness of our depravity and His abundance. Thus when we go to Him with humility and felt need and express our dependence on Him, He will take us to His vast ocean of kindness and show forth His faithfulness by fulfilling all His promises to meet all our needs. When this Lord is coming to us by extending His everlasting arms, why should we live like paupers? Today we have the privilege to go to Him and fill our lives with His kindness and enjoy all that He has promised us for our every need.

Psalms 36:7 – How precious is Your loving-kindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings.

Thought for Today
The wings of the Lord are so vast that all His children can find solace and safety under its shadows.

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