Friday, August 26, 2011


Insulation from conspiracy!

Verse for Today: Friday, August 26, 2011

Psalms 64:2 –
Hide me from the secret counsel of the evildoers, from the tumult of those who do iniquity.

There are occasions when God’s children fall prey to the conspiracy of the evildoers. They want to see the righteous fall for their secret counsel and be a failure which gives them a false sense of satisfaction. They conspire against us in our work places, schools, neighbourhoods and even in the religious circles. They are controlled by jealousy, competition, unfair comparison, greed, paranoia and other behavioral aberrations. They get a false sense of victory when we are defeated through unfair means. These conspiracies cause a lot of heartache to the children of God. They create commotions in peaceful settings so that they can fish benefit out of troubled waters which in turn hurt the innocent. But when God’s children face such situations, they can go to their Lord and ask for protection under His wings. The Lord will hide us under His shadow and keep us safe for His name’ sake. He will take us to newer vistas of life. If the world closes our doors in life, the Lord will open newer doors for us. We might look as losers because of these conspiracies and tumults, but the Lord works all of these for our good and His glory. Our experiences might cause us frustrations, but the Lord would take our frustrations and transform them into brighter avenues for the praise of His name. Detractors conspired against Joseph, David, Nehemiah, Daniel and Paul, but the Lord changed their scenarios to glorify His name. The emperor wanted to shut out John the Apostle in a lonely Patmos, but the Lord opened the doors of eternity in front of him. David still became the unchallenged king at Jerusalem. Joseph became the Prime Minister of Egypt and even sustained his conspirators. Nehemiah completed the reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem in record time. Daniel got greater recognition and reputation in the kingdom. Paul could go to Rome to preach. All of these were far more than they ever expected, but the Lord made it all happen in spite of the conspiracies. This Lord is our Lord who works things for us even in the midst of conspiracy and tumult.

Dear friend, are you a prey to conspiracy and tumult created by your enemies with the intention of trapping you? It is possible that you are frustrated because of these events in life. It would have caused you to secretly weep before the Lord. But your Lord is watching these conspirators and their evil thoughts against you. Touching you is considered as touching Him. When it aches your heart, His heart will also ache because you are His precious child. He will not watch your conspirators silently for long. His fierce response to them will surely be visible soon. But more than that, you will see His hands working to prepare better things for you. You will see amazing new doors and opportunities opened in front of you. He will have newer ministries for you instead of the ministries others snatched away from you. Remember, when the Lord opens a door for you, no man can shut it. His ways are much better than the ways of the world which give people false and temporary gains. Your conspirators will not be able to keep for long the temporary gains they secured at your expense. The Lord will give you the grace to forgive and forget about your conspirators. You will tread through the Calvary road to His green pastures and still waters with a feast prepared for you in the midst of your detractors while He anoints your head with His oil of gladness. While your conspirators wallow in misery, you will fly to higher vistas of spiritual blessings which no force can take away. So dear friend, take heart and be exceedingly glad because your Lord will compensate for all your earthly losses with greater spiritual blessings and fill your life with peace, patience and joy. May we experience exceeding joy while our conspirators reap the misery of the tumult they engineer!

Psalms 31:20 – You hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the conspiracies of man; You keep them secretly in a shelter from the strife of tongues.

Thought for Today
The conspiracy of the wicked cannot defeat the righteous whose times are in the hands of the Almighty.

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