Thursday, August 25, 2011


Cling to the Hands that hold you

Verse for Today: Thursday, August 25, 2011

Psalms 63:8 –
My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.

The relationship between a child of God and the Father in Heaven is mutually inclusive. The right hand of the Father upholds the child tightly and protects him from the enemy of his soul. No one can pluck us from the hand of the Father. The Father’s hand is the place of ultimate safety, security and rest where the child can dwell without fear or fret. This is the expression of the Father’s care and love for the child. At the same time, the child of God has the freedom to behave like a little child who will cling on to the Father for the feeling of safety. Knowing fully well that the Father upholds him in His right hand, the child still has the freedom to express his longing for confidence in the Father by clinging on to Him like a little fearful child. When the child clings to the Father, all fear vanishes and the feeling of absolute safety pervades his heart. This freedom that the children of God have in the Father make them keeps going in the midst of all adversities and attacks of the enemy. If we do not utilize this freedom with the Father, we would live in fear and fret even when the Father upholds us and lead us to live without confidence when situations become bleak and circumstances get complicated. Clinging on to the Father involves knowing Him and His promises. King David had to hold on to these promises moment by moment as his situations were precarious and uncertain. Nehemiah had to cling on to the promises while involved in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Joseph had to cling on to it while he was in the dungeon waiting for the Lord to lift him up from there. Abraham had to cling on to the Lord until Isaac was born and even later. Jacob had to cling to the Lord as he kept experiencing Bethel, Peniel, Hebron, Beersheba and even Dothan. Today you and I have the privilege to cling on to the promises of the Lord and say ‘amen’ to it and then we will know the power of His right hand holding us and fulfilling His promises in our lives. When He holds us, no force in the Universe will touch us or tamper with us because we are His precious personal possession.

Dear friend, if your situation today is intimidating and fearful, you will have to realize two things. First of all, your Father in Heaven is holding you in His right hand and that no force on earth can tamper with you. Secondly, you have the privilege to cling on to the Lord and His promises and feel secure. But you can cling on to Him only if you take time to get to know Him and His promises. You have to develop an intimacy with Him and familiarize with His ways. As a loving Father, He enjoys it when His beloved children come closer to Him and cling on to Him. When they ask for His promises to be fulfilled in their lives, He does it joyfully. He showers His loving care over them so that they would be able to face all their situations fearlessly and without anxiety. All His promises are for His children who draw closer to Him and have the desire to cling on to Him. He looks into our hearts to see who would want to handle our lives our way and who want to cling to Him and leave all their affairs to Him. When we cling on to Him, He gives us the confidence and peace as we await His actions. Clinging is not only for occasions when we are in trouble, but for all the time and in all our situations. He wants us not to be occasional visitors to His presence, but to dwell there with Him all the time and leave all our affairs to Him to manage. So let us today go to the Lord and cling on Him and His promises as we acknowledge to Him that we are grateful that we are in His mighty hands to enjoy His security and safety.

Joshua 23:8 – But you are to hold fast to the Lord your God, as you have until now.

Thought for Today
If we waste away the opportunity to cling on to the Lord in all circumstances, we are in essence telling God that we do not need Him.

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