Monday, August 15, 2011


His All-Powerful Name!

Verse for Today:
Monday, August 15, 2011
Psalms 44:5 -
Through You we will push back our adversaries; through Your name we will trample down those who rise up against us.

In spiritual warfare, the Christian works things out in and through the name of the Lord rather than using world's methods. For the spiritual battles, we get our energy and techniques from the Lord. Our weapons are those that are given to us by the Lord and we use it the way He wants us to use it. When adversaries aim at us with their fiery darts, we seek the help of the Lord and ask Him in prayer to help us. We follow His commands to use His full armor and thus declare our total dependence on the Lord and not on our ideas. The adversary comes to us and uses his arrows of faithlessness, confusion, doubt, apprehension, anxiety and frustration and try to divide our minds and loyalties so that we become vulnerable. When our faith is weak, he overpowers us to plunge us into despair. But the armor that is given to us is capable of pushing back all our adversaries and their tactics. Our armor can break any arrow. When we resist the enemy, He will flee from us. But he will keep coming back to try different tactics at different times to make us fall from our walk with the Lord. If we take the whole armor of God and use it the name of our Lord as we push forward, the enemy will flee fast. Our Lord has already secured victory for us in all our circumstances through His death on the cross and so the moment we call out His name, the enemy will not be able to withstand us. We can use the name of the Lord with His mighty power to rebuke the enemy in His name, the enemy will retreat. But this is an on-going exercise and we need to keep fighting him and appropriate the victory that our Lord has earned for us.

Dear friend, are you aware of the fact that you are called into a battle with the enemy of your soul? Your enemy is crafty and crooked and will use any mean methods to tear you into pieces and make you a wreck. He will attack you when you are physically, spiritually or emotionally weakest. You need to be ever on the alert and expect the enemy's attack and be ready with the whole armor of God. You also need to train yourself to fight and to push back and trample the enemy in the name of the Lord. As you are dressed in the armor of God, you can cry out the name of the Lord and rebuke the enemy. The enemy cannot withstand the spiritual power embodied in the name of our Lord Jesus and He will flee away. It is important that we know the power of the name of our Lord. It was in His name that the apostles performed miracles. It is when a sinner calls upon the name of the Lord that he gets saved from eternal damnation. At the name of the Lord, demons flee and diseases are cured. Peace comes to a restless Christian in the name of the Lord Jesus. We have the right to use the name of our Lord in our prayers and are bound to find answers, as He has commanded us to pray in His name. At the name of Jesus, all bondage will be broken and deliverance will be granted to His children. So dear friend, when you are attacked by the enemy of your soul through his subtle and dubious armor of anxiety, confusion, doubt or depression, use the name of the Lord to call out your war with the enemy and you will find him retreat. You can trample the enemy and push him back in the name of the Lord and enjoy victory in His name. May the name of the Lord give you victory today as you are confronted by the enemy with his tactics and live a life of peace, joy, satisfaction and confidence!

Proverbs 18:20 - The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Thought for Today
The name of the Lord is the greatest shield for God's children to break all the bondage of the enemy.

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