Sunday, April 29, 2012


Balm for deep wounds!

Verse for Today: Sunday, April 29, 2012

Psalms 109:22 - For I am afflicted and needy, and my heart is wounded within me.

We are confronted often with bitter experiences in life which seem like deep wounds that take a long time to heal. It causes pain, misery and anguish in us. As God’s children, we are surrounded by the enemy of our souls who uses people and circumstances to wound and hurt us deeply. He uses sharp weapons like betrayal, envy, disloyalty, depravity, rejection, isolation, failure and disappointments on various counts. When these wounds get further infected with our own self pity, we are pushed into despondency and despair from which it is very difficult to come out. These psychological blows make us further isolated and lead us to withdraw from others and become spiritual and social recluses. The enemy uses our best friends, kith and kin and the brethren in faith that we love deeply to hurt us so much as to make us feel afflicted. These psychological blows lead us to major and minor physical and emotional sicknesses of various kinds. It takes away our peace and joy in life and pushes us into anguish and desperation. When our souls become desperate for mercy and grace, and when we feel the urgency to get back to a joyful life, we must yearn for the Physician and the Balm that He makes available for us. Our Lord Jesus is the Balm who will turn our anguish and affliction into joy unspeakable through His fellowship and friendship. He will make us learn spiritually profitable lessons from our afflictions and to know how to turn our wounds into victorious experiences for the praise of His name.

Dear friend, are you deeply wounded in your soul today and are you feeling desperate and miserable because of these afflictions? Are you a prey to gossip, envy, slander, lies, baseless controversies, threats and intimidation by the enemy? The enemy always uses our closest associates, coworkers, classmates and dearest people from family circles to try to destroy us. Our solemn intentions are assumed away and we are abused through verbatim. Our motives are unfairly interpreted and even our various facial expressions are wrongly attributed with evil assumptions. Our ministries are devalued and despised. But when these painful experiences confront us, watch out that we will not be plunged into self pity and discouragement. Let us take courage in your Lord who is able to pour love and grace on to your wounds and give us healing. He gives us the spirit of forgiveness and the ability to pray for those who inflict wounds in our heart. The people who wound us are only used as instruments by the enemy of our souls. His intention is to weaken us spiritually, take away our joy in the Lord and push us into self pity rather than praise. These are attacks to take our eyes off Jesus and focus on the problems and the enemies. But you have to deny the enemy this luxury of victory for his tactics and keep looking unto Jesus. Remember how God’s children like Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah and Paul lived with such emotional wounds and how they survived and continued with the ministries entrusted with them. So admit your situation of pain and misery because of the emotional wounds and go to the Great Physician and use Him as the panacea for your wounds. Pour His love and grace on to your wounds for amazing and speedy recovery. Crucify your natural temptation to take revenge on the people who hurt wounds and start praying for them. Your Lord will help you to shift your focus away from the enemies and the problems they create to Him. He will comfort you, soothe your wounds and heal you. Ask Him to teach you some new lessons about faith when you are wounded and learn to lean on to Him firmly. Praise Him for your painful situations and ask Him to turn it to experiences of victory and grace. Today you are challenged to praise God for all the deliverance He has given you in the past and all victories that are in store for you in the future.

Psalms 109:21- But You O God, the Lord, deal kindly with me for Your name's sake; because Your lovingkindness is good, deliver me.

Thought for Today

Jesus is the panacea for all the wounds in your soul.

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