Monday, April 2, 2012


Freedom from oppression!

Verse for Today: Monday, April 02, 2012

Psalms 146:7 – (The Lord) upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free.

Our Lord is looking at and seeing the degree of oppression, hunger and bondage of sin that prevails in this world. He knows these evils in depth and is much concerned about the people who endure it with pain, misery and frustration. Many suffer oppression and bondage for a life time. These evils are seen in the physical and spiritual realms of life. Socially there is oppression by the have-nots in the hands of the haves and the powerful. But it is also as a result of the spiritual problem that exists in the minds of these oppressors. When man is under the bondage of sin and Satan, he is controlled by them to oppress other souls in this world. The social reformers of this world have been trying from time immemorial to solve these social problems through their means. But unless their sin sickness is healed, these people will continue to oppress the weaker sections of the society including the children, women, elderly, disabled and the poorer people. These suffering people are unorganized and are unable to fight the oppressors. But the oppression of sin and Satan in the spiritual realm is far more fierce and damaging. God wants the spirit of oppression to give way to love and compassion. He wants to show compassion to those who are sick with the sin of oppression so that they can be free to extent the love and grace to others who are under bondage. No matter what bondage we are in today, He wants to remove it and make us free. If you are under the tyranny of an oppressive boss, husband, wife or a habit like anger or anxiety, He wants to unshackle you and make you free in your spirits and bodies.

Dear reader, are you under the bondage of sin, Satan and the world system? Are you being oppressed by the way these forces try to control you life? Are you under the bondage of anxiety about your future? Is anger hurting you spiritually and are you under its cruel bondage? Are you being oppressed by gossip, slander, misrepresentation, isolation, rejection and jealousy? The place to go for a release is the presence of your Lord who loves you and is compassionate to you. If you tell the Lord about your predicaments and the pressure of oppression, He will comfort you and give you the strength to go through it and learn to depend on the Lord to come out victoriously. His ministry to the needy includes upholding the oppressed and feeding the spiritually hungry with the bread of heaven. He also delivers their hearts and minds from the bondage of heartaches, pain, misery, frustration and depression. He comforts, strengthens and encourages His children. He releases them from all who ill-treat them. Today He wants us to go to Him with all our burdens and heartaches and leave it at His feet. He will take it all on Himself and handle it appropriately. He will carry these burdens of ours for us and make us free to depend on Him to free us. He will also remind us that He endured oppression on Calvary so that we can be spiritually free from it. If we try to carry these burdens ourselves, we would be tired and weak and suffer meaninglessly. Let us go to Jesus today and enjoy the release of our spirits from all that entangles and besets us.

Deuteronomy 26:7 – Then we cried unto the Lord, the God of our fathers, and the Lord heard our voice and saw our misery, toil and oppression.

Thought for Today

When we submit our oppression to the Lord, He carries it on His shoulders for us and makes us free.

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