Thursday, April 5, 2012


Trials of faith!

Verse for Today: Thursday, April 05, 2012

James 1:12a – Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial.

Trials and tests are the process of tempering a material to measure its capacity to withstand pressures under difficult circumstances and situations. It is the test of the faith the manufacturer puts into the material in the process. God does the same with His saints who are susceptible to pressures and struggles in the various life experiences. God allows us to go through these testing times to make us stronger and also to measure our strength in faith. As days go by, we are susceptible to greater struggles and pressures. In order for us to be prepared to go through greater struggles, we are allowed to go through tests of various kinds. Our tests depend on the type of mission that our God has prepared for us. He allows us to go through these tests and trials so that we would be strong enough to go through greater struggles. Joseph had to go through such trials before he became the Prime Minister of Egypt. Daniel and David also went through such trials so that they could become rulers and prophets for God. Nehemiah had to go through severe trials so that he would not relent in the important mission of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The Apostles had to go through several such trials as they were prepared for greater struggles for Jesus day after day. They learned these lessons well and considered their tests and trials as blessed and happy experiences. They were gems for God and realized that unless gems go through tremendous pressure, they would not be fit for the Master’s use. Their golden character had to go through more fire for deeper purification and tempering so that they would be ornaments on the robe of the Great High Priest. As trials come our way, we do not need to be afraid or feel insecure because these trials are for our good. They are sent our way by our Lord to temper us in our faith so that we would serve Him with greater zeal and enthusiasm.

Dear reader, are you going through stiff trials and tests in your life? You might find these trials tough and painful. Some of our dear people would even call it punishment from God for some hidden sins in our lives. But what our Lord is doing is to allow us to go through these tests so that our inner-self would become stronger in faith and trust in Him. Moses had to experience this tempering process in his life which was meant for him to become stronger in faith to handle more cumbersome situations which emerged day after day. Abraham had many such tests and he found that the tests were on the increase numerically and in intensity. But these were to make Abraham stronger and to help him grow in His faith in the promises of God. But those who trust in the Lord become happy rather than grumble about the tests they are called upon to go through. They consider themselves blessed because these tests will teach them newer lessons about the faithfulness of their God and His ways for His children. These tests are for their growth, maturity and joy in spite of the inconveniences which they have to go through while they go through it. But the reward for enduring tests is to become stronger in the faith and trust in the Lord. So let us rejoice when we are tested and ask the Lord for additional grace to endure the pain and difficulties which we face as we go through tests of various kinds. Let our tests be times of praise and patience and see what new lessons in faith we can learn to enrich our lives.

James 1:2 – Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

Thought for Today

When we realize that our Lord is committed to strengthen us through the trails He sends our way, it causes us to rejoice even in the midst of fierce trials.

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