Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Foreknowledge of needs!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matthew 6:8 - ….For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

Fathers are known to be concerned about their children, and children enjoy the care of their fathers. There are many needs in the lives of children that the fathers know and plan ahead. But there are also things that the fathers do not have any clue about. There is no perfect father in the world as all have their failures and weaknesses. But our heavenly Father is quite different from the earthly fathers. He knows us well and knows all about our needs much in advance. He knows the depth of our needs and prepares for us. He arranges the setting, the resources and people who are linked with our needs. He knows the needs perfectly well and makes all things ready for His children to enjoy. He sets our schedules, places and pace so well as to make sure that we are fully satisfied with all that He gives us to accomplish what He wants in our lives. As our loving Father, He has special plans for each of us in this life. He created us and so we belong to Him. His plans for us are for us to serve in His spiritual kingdom. He loved us so much and was willing to sacrifice His only begotten Son for us on the cross of Calvary. As His Eternal Son is given to us to make us His children, and along with Him, the Father has given us all that we need to live in this world to serve Him. So it is our privilege to know what the Father has bestowed upon us and appropriate and appreciate all His gifts to live for His glory.

Dear reader, are you aware of the fact that you are not an orphan? You have a Father in heaven who loves you so much as to give you all that you need here in this life. He knows all your concerns, burdens, cares, difficulties, problems, conflicts, shortages, failures and defeats. He knows why you are going through these issues in your life and has made mends for it all. He wants you to use all your adverse experiences to learn valuable lessons in faith and trust in the Father. So when you feel certain needs, it ought to renew your dependence on your Father. You have to believe that your Father knows it in its magnitude and has already made provisions for you. But you are expected to ask the Father in faith. You have to believe that your Father will provide for all your needs according to His riches in glory. As your Father is the King, you are a prince or princess because you are His child. All His resources are for you to enjoy with a grateful heart. What a wonderful and all-knowing Father we have in Heaven, who knows us and our circumstances so well as to know what our intimate needs are! He knows our needs before the need even appears. He prepares all things well in advance so that when the need is felt, it can be met according to His dignity and yardstick. As we walk with Him and talk with Him along life's narrow ways, He reassures us of His resources to meet all our needs at the right time, and as it pleases Him as the benevolent, compassionate and merciful Father. When we have such a benevolent Father, let us go to Him just as little children go to their fathers to ask to meet our needs. He gives us perfect gifts on the basis of His unfathomable capacity. Today let us draw upon the unlimited and never-exhausting reservoirs of our Heavenly Father and be content with what He gives. Let us praise Him for what He has given us in the past, what He gives us daily and what He has promised to give us in our tomorrows.

Psalms 145:19 - He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him; He will also hear their cry and save them.

Thought for Today

It will take us all eternity to begin to understand the status, dignity, greatness and resourcefulness of our Heavenly Father.

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