Thursday, April 19, 2012


Companion during trouble!

Verse for Today: Thursday, April 19, 2012

Psalms 86:7 - In the day of my trouble, I shall call upon You; for You will answer me.

We all go through troubles of various kinds in our sojourn whether we are kings or the peasantry. These troubles are part of human life because we live in a sinful environment which is controlled by Satan and his world system. There are unexpected events which topple our plans and programs. We are incapacitated and inconvenienced by our situations, people who are linked with us and the various events which unfold in and around us. In times of trouble, we might resort to earthly means to circumvent it. Our efforts often put us into tighter situations and we will be forced to depend on smarter means to handle these situations. King David had gone through innumerable troubles from all his enemies who were always around him. His troubles came from his own father-in-law, his wife Michal, several of his soldiers, people like Shimei whom he helped, his sons Absalom and Amnon and all the enemy kings around him. During most of his reign, he had trouble, even though he lived in Jerusalem, the city of peace. It was during these times of trouble that he wrote the most melodious of his psalms which became prominent in the hymn book of Israel. These psalms of troubles, pain, misery, tears and exasperation can also be seen as psalms of victory, comfort, strength, encouragement and praise. In his troubles, David called unto the Lord and always found answers of comfort and strength in Him. Some times the comfort was through reprimand and rebuke which led to repentance. Some other times the comfort was the sleep he got and the peace that passed all understanding. Some times, in spite of his prayers for help, he had to go through the shadow of the valley of death and tears, all of which worked for his spiritual growth and greater trust in the Lord.

Dear reader, are you going through troubles of various kinds lately? Are your troubles coming from physical sickness, family, employer, neighborhood, Fellowship, colleagues and friends? Are these troubles increasing by leaps and bounds day after day? These are intense tests of your faith and trust in the Lord. The Lord knows what you are going through and He is near you to give you sufficient grace to handle these troubles with confidence and courage. He will guide you to respond to these difficult situations with the help of His Spirit. He will straighten your pathway so that you will march forward in spite of these troubles. When troubles set it, the Lord wants you to depend on Him completely and cry unto Him. He will answer you at the right time. He is committed to strengthen you to face these troubles. The reassurance from the Lord that He will hear and answer David in all his troubles kept David going throughout his sojourn. There were always answers from the Lord. But some times the answers were 'yes', some other times the answers were 'no' and some times there was long silence from the Lord. But David found comfort in the fact that the Lord heard and sent His answers at the right time, according to His perfect will. This Lord is with us also today and He hears the sounds of our cries, sobs and groaning and will definitely answer according to His eternal wisdom. His answers are for our spiritual good so that we grow in our faith and trust in Him and in His eternal purpose. The Lord of David is alive and is alert to our cries today and will answer us perhaps right now or a little later. Let us be patient with the Lord and wait for His time, purpose and plan for us. He is never late in fulfilling His exciting and perfect agenda for us.

Psalms 46:1 - God is our refuge and strength; a very present help in trouble.

Thought for Today

It is exciting to be with the Lord in the valley of troubles, with songs in the night and waiting for His rays of hope to fall upon us.

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