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Cry of the needy!

Verse for Today: Friday, April 20, 2012

Psalms 86:1 - Hear, O Lord, and answer me, for I am poor and needy.

The awareness of our needs will reflect in our approach to meeting those needs. Often we run around to meet some pseudo needs and end up in utter failure to meet our genuine needs. But when we know our intimate needs, we will have to seek a source which is capable and willing to meet those needs. It is important that we seek and identify a rich source which is resourceful enough to be satisfying and fulfilling. Man has realized time and again none of the sources of this world will ever fully satisfy our inner needs. This is because our needs are primarily spiritual and emotional and not limited to some mundane material things. The only person who understands the depth of our spiritual and emotional needs is our heavenly Father who has all it takes to meet these need fully. But it is important that we go to Him by admitting our deep needs. We have to confess to Him that we are truly poor in our spirits and will not find any other fulfilling source than that of the Father in heaven. It comes from the realization that all good things come from the Father in heaven and that His blessings alone will meet our deepest longings. So we need to go to the Father with willingness to admit all our needs in a spirit of humility. We must admit that we are poor in spirit and have deep desire to meet our needs from the Father alone. We must also admit that all that we have ever enjoyed in life has come from the Father alone. We must admit that it has all come to us not because of any of our merit, intelligence, worldly wisdom and smartness, but through His benevolence. King David knew this more than any one else, for he always recognized that he was a poor and forgotten shepherd boy and the Lord has been his provider and sustainer. Even after becoming the King of Israel, he felt that he was poor and in need of the blessings and goodness from the Lord. He recognized and confessed that he had no merit in him. He accepted his emptiness before the Lord and approached Him as a poor man crying for alms from the all-sufficient and merciful Father who gives liberally to the needy and the poor.

Dear reader, are you a needy person today in the emotional, spiritual and physical realms of life? Are you able to see the empty promise of the world which leaves you disappointed and miserable? Are you willing to confess your utter spiritual poverty and depravity before the Father? He has enough resources to meet all your needs at the right time and He will leave you satisfied with what He gives. We must also realize that whatever we have are given to us by the Lord and that we are only custodians of what is entrusted with us. Those who feel that they have all that they need cannot genuinely join David and pray from the bottom of their hearts. We need to admit our emptiness when we look at ourselves through the Word of God. Thus when we see ourselves as poor and needy, we would go to the Lord with a genuine heart and right attitude and ask Him to help us. Then He will open the windows of Heaven and supply all our needs. Today let us confess our utter depravity and approach the Throne of Grace with open hands and hearts and ask our Father to meet our needs and remove our inner poverty. He will answer us and fill us with Himself, and along with that, He will help us with our daily material needs, as we trust Him for all our present and future needs. May that be our challenge and vision for today and all the days of our lives!

Psalms 84:11 - For the Lord God is a sun and a shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.

Thought for Today
The young ravens are not embarrassed to admit their needs and cry unto the LORD for their food.

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