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Call of faith!!
Verse for Today: Monday, October 08, 2012
Genesis 24:58 – So they called Rebekah and asked her, “Will you go with this man?” “I will go,” she said.
Faith is our response to the voice of God. Often this voice can be heard or seen in our circumstances. It is also heard as we read God’s Word and listen to the prophetic word spoken by His servants. But only those who are sensitized by the Spirit of God can recognize the voice of God. Rebekah was such a young lady who understood the hand of God in all that transpired around her with the visit of Eliezer. She soon recognized that she was at the threshold of becoming the bride of a man who has been blessed by God. She had not seen him, nor did she know anything in depth about him, except that he comes from a God-fearing family with a father who was blessed by God. When she heard the amazing story of how the angel of the Lord led the visitor to their home, she had no difficulty to recognize that it came from God. Her step of faith was full of uncertainty and risk, but she was willing to take the challenge by faith in the God who sent the visitor to her home in mysterious ways. She was an obedient and hospitable person who was willing to show mercy to a weary traveler with his weary camels. She was a service-minded person who was willing to fetch water for a few camels gracefully and joyfully. When she was challenged to go to a place about 3-months camel ride away, she was willing to take the trip by faith. Her faith made her journey enjoyable and expectant. Her faith enabled her to see a God-fearing and meditating groom who waited by faith for his bride whom God was preparing and sending his way. Her faith made her demonstrate true reverence to her husband-to-be by getting down from the donkey and covering herself with a veil as a mark of her subjection and surrender to him. Rebekah was able to sense the will of God for her and willfully submitted herself to it so that she would reap the blessings from it all.
Dear friend, are you sensitive to the will of God in your life? Are you able to see God’s hand in your life and the way He leads you a step at a time? Do you have a desire to seek the will of God and submit wholeheartedly? Surely there will be hills and valleys in your life of faith which will enable you to see how God leads you to keep depending on Him. Rebekah knew nothing about God’s eternal plan for her to become the great grandmother of Jesus Christ. But she received that great blessing as a reward for her simple faith and for her insight in recognizing the hand of God in what was going on around her on an evening around a community well. Her courage and boldness to accept the challenges spread before her came from her faith. She was well rewarded for her service to a servant and his weary camels by becoming the wife of a man who had many servants in his house. She never murmured about the three-month long camel ride and its weariness because she put her hope in what awaited her at the end of the journey. Her willingness to submit was her crown which leaves her as a great model of a woman who revered God. Today Rebekah stands out as an outstanding hero of faith whose life challenges us to take God seriously in our lives. Let us today attempt great things for God and become more and more sensitized about the way God leads us on a daily basis. Let us be willing to adapt ourselves to the demands that are brought to our hearts by the perfect will of God for which we are groomed by the Spirit of God. Let us submit our lives to the Lord and be ready to be led by His Spirit in ways that we have never walked before. When we obey Him, He will take care of all our tomorrows through the pathways that He wants us to tread. A brighter tomorrow is awaiting us as we look unto our Lord to lead us forward.
2 Corinthians 5:7 – We live by faith, not by sight.  
Thought for Today
Our steps of faith have great implications for generations to come.
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