Sunday, October 14, 2012


Oh! I am unworthy!!
Verse for Today: Sunday, October 14, 2012
Genesis 32:10a – I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness You have shown Your servant.
Those who see the worthiness of God will be able to see their own unworthiness and inadequacies. In the light of the glory of God, we become only shadows without any substance or shape. His greatness is so vast and at the same time, His kindness and faithfulness to His children far surpass all our expectations. He transforms all our disqualifications into opportunities and blessings because of His surpassing grace, kindness, compassion and faithfulness towards us. He doesn’t treat us according to our sins of omission and commission, but treat us as His beloved children. But we recognize His greatness and benevolence only when our eyes are open. If our eyes are dim because of our own ago, self righteousness, worldly merit, smartness and qualifications, we would not be able to see the favors that come from the Lord.  Some are blinded by sin, worldliness and materialism and are puffed up with pride and arrogance and subsequently unable to accept the reality that it is God’s mercy that we have reached thus far. In the life of Jacob, Bethel made a great difference. His vision changed because He saw the Lord and heard Him speak. He received promises from the Lord and kept going as per God’s guidance. Today when Jacob looks back, he can see that all that he had came from the Lord. He is a humble and broken man who acknowledges all that he has to the faithfulness and kindness of God. The more blessings Jacob received, the more he was conscious his own unworthiness. When Jacob goes to the presence of the Lord, he realizes that his very standing is on the kindness of God and he has no hesitation to acknowledge it. God expects all His children to live with such realization about Him and about themselves and give glory to Him for all that we enjoy in our lives.
Dear friend, are you able to see the vastness of the blessings God has given you in life? Your spiritual life, the opportunities He has given you to touch the lives of people and the livelihood that feeds you and your family are God’s blessings. The family of God of which you are a part is a blessing from the Lord. The spiritual children God has given you are His favor. Your own family is God’s special blessing to you. Your very life is His great gift to you with your health and intelligence. When you go to the presence of the Lord, you will be able to see all that you have as God’s benevolence to you. But as you see the greatness of God, you will be able to see how it has pleased Him to give you all that you have as gifts because He has been kind and faithful to you. David, Gideon and Paul felt the same way when they came to God’s presence. They acknowledged it all to the faithfulness and kindness of God to them. Such a realization takes away your pride and arrogance which are embodied in your sinful nature and makes you humble and contrite in your spirit. It causes you to genuinely confess your unworthiness and attribute all worthiness to God. As you draw close to the Lord by shedding your pride and keep acknowledging Him as the sole giver, you will be able to depend on Him for all your future needs. But it demands that you renew the vision you have about your Lord and His faithfulness, and keep renewing your dependence on Him. Your confession of your unworthiness and His faithfulness makes your life God-centered which causes each of His gifts to you to praise Him and live expectantly for greater blessings from Him.
James 1:17 – Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.    
Thought for Today
The acknowledgement about all that we are and have as gift from God comes from a humble, broken and contrite spirit.
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