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Know where to go for answers!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, October 09, 2012
Genesis 25:22b – So Rebekah went to enquire of the Lord.
Rebekah was well focused on the Lord and His sovereignty in her life. Her family readily recognized her marriage proposal with Isaac as something which came from the Lord and she agreed to it even without seeing the person. She was well aware of the prayers of her husband on behalf of her and knew that he received answers from the Lord. So it is no wonder that when Rebekah had a health problem with regard to her children who were yet to be born, she went to consult the Lord. We are often tempted to go to the experts of the world when confronted with a problem. But Rebekah set a great example before us today as she went to consult with the Lord for an answer. She knew the Lord well enough personally to be able to feel free to go to Him. She knew that if she asked the Lord, she would get the right answer. Her eagerness to go to the Lord with her problem indicates that she had gone to the Lord earlier also. It was her faith and trust that made her go to the Lord. Rebekah speaks to us today to go to the Lord with all our problems and needs and get answers to the puzzles in our lives. As she went, she got revelations about the future of her children who were yet to be born. Our Lord would not disappoint us when we go to Him with questions. He has answers to all our puzzles. He often gives us explanations. He wants to reveal His will to us about ourselves and our families and encourages us to ask Him in prayer with importunity. Rebekah also shows us that in our tense moments in life, we have a place to go which is the presence of the Lord. If we go to Him, we will we get appropriate answers to solve our problems and handle our situations. Let us today follow the example of Rebekah and seek the face of the Lord to find answers to our difficult situations and concerns.
Dear reader, are you confronted with questions in life for which you do not have any answers? Are there puzzles in life that you cannot resolve? But you don’t need to get exasperated about your questions and problems. Today you have the freedom to go to the Lord who has all the answers to your questions. He knows your situations in all its depth and width. He knows why you are going through the present crisis. Sometimes your crisis might be your own making. At other times, you might be under attack by the enemy, directly or through others. But talking to the Lord in prayer and reading His Word will help you to discern your situation. We do not know how long Rebekah spent in the presence of the Lord. She would have tarried there, confessed her shortcomings and got herself right with the Lord which is a precondition to hearing from the Lord. If we have grieved or quenched the Spirit, it is very difficult to expect to hearing from the Lord, except about our own sins which we have not confessed. If we confess our sins and continue to patiently tarry with the Lord, we would hear His voice in our souls as we pray and meditate on His Word. Let us today go to the Lord and confess our unworthiness and sins of omission and commission. Let us submit our inadequacies and incapability and tell Him that unless He helps us, we will not be able to plough through our difficult situations. Our Lord will hear our prayers and see our tears and will speak to us. He will renew His promises in our souls as we pray and meditate on His Word. He will impress upon our souls that He is in charge of our situations and will deliver us from our perils. Today let us put our trust in the Lord, go to His presence and dwell there until we hear from Him and be comforted in our souls. Let His comfort, encouragement and strength help us to keep going in the wake of difficulties. Remember, He will not leave us nor forsake us.
Psalms 20:7 – Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. 
Thought for Today
Those who live in continuous confession and repentance will have unhindered two-way communication with the Lord.
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