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Choices that make or mar!
Verse for Today: Monday, October 01, 2012
Genesis 13:11 – So Lot chose for himself the whole plain of the Jordan and set out towards the east. The two men parted company.
Our choices decide our destiny. These choices depend on what we see with our eyes and desire in our hearts. Lot had already been lured by the wealth of Egypt which he had to leave because of the way God dealt with uncle Abram. But he kept the attractions of Egypt in his heart. As soon as he saw something similar to Egypt and when he had the freedom to choose, he rushed into it. But little did he realize that it would keep him and his family away from God and will ruin their testimony. The generations of Lot became great enemies of the children of Abram. He also seems not to have thought about the fellowship with Abram which he would miss much. He chose the temporal for the eternal which Abram chose. Lot didn’t realize at that time that his choice would end up in this world whereas Abram would continue to look for the city of God which was to come. On the other hand, Abram chose Canaan and continued to worship God and lived in tents to declare that this world was not his home. Today we are challenged by the choices made by Abram and Lot to reexamine our lives here on earth. If we choose the temporal, we would lose it along with the reward that is waiting for us in heaven. Lot had to see the end of his life in misery, disgrace and hopelessness. But Abram was able to see the end of his life with great hope for the future when the God’s blessings would come through his son Isaac, grandson Jacob and their generations to come. We are challenged to make spiritual choices even in earthen affairs so that our lives would please God and that we would accomplish God’s purpose in our lives by touching the lives of people.
Dear reader, are you at the threshold of making vital decisions about your life in the areas of education, occupation, ministry, relationships, family and location? When the world, Satan and our flesh tempt us to choose that which would give us temporal material gain, we should show the spiritual tenacity like Abram to turn down all that is not spiritually expedient and profitable. The temporal gains that the options of the world give us will all be wiped away over a period of time. Any gain in the short run might initially taste sweet, but will only leave bitterness and tears at the end. It will be like building our lives on sand. It might look bright and beautiful, but when the storms and the flood beat on our lives, the castles will crumble and the fortunes of the world will turn to ashes. But if we choose spiritually expedient things, we will have solid foundation which will not fall and perish.  When we choose to live to please God and live with the means that He supplies in our tents on a daily basis, we would probably be called fools and unintelligent people by the world. Those who try to disgrace and scorn us will eventually lose their honor and testimony. Perhaps Lot would have thought that uncle Abram was a simpleton who gave up all of the fortunes that were at his fingertips. But both Lot and the world will soon find out who makes lasting and eternal choices of blessings.  Today let us believe that the blessings of the heavenly places where we are seated are far greater than the temporal material prosperity that the world lures us with. Let us be bold like Abram to reject what the world offers. Let us be humble enough to live in tents and be ready to fold up when ordered by the Master. Let us also continue to pray for the Lots around us and be willing to fight for them and their families on our knees. Let us learn from the Master to be content with what He gives us on a daily basis and ask Him to help us to make choices which would please Him. Let us move into the tents of fellowship in Hebron and build alters to the Lord to sacrifice ourselves to Him in true worship.
Hebrews 11:9a- By faith (Abraham) made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country.
 Thought for Today
Opportunities that give us temporary gains will often leave us with irrevocable losses in life.
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