Friday, December 14, 2012


Home for the homeless!
Verse for Today: Friday, December 14, 2012
Psalms 5:7 – But I, by your great mercy, will come into Your house; in reverence will I bow down towards Your holy temple.

Intimidation from the arrogant is a serious weapon that the enemy uses against God’s children. It drives us defenseless and exasperated. It is a powerful weapon used against us to subdue us and to snub us. It grieves our hearts when we are faced with distortions and gossips by those who have no fear of God in their hearts. They reject and resent us so as to spoil our peace. They relentlessly come after us to hurt and deprive us. David went through such experiences as he ran away for life. He was chased and pursued shamelessly by his enemies. But even during such bitter experiences, David found time to enter into the sanctuary of God to worship and to praise Him. When David had to live in caves and on mountainous terrains, He found solace in the presence of God. It was like going home to the Father in Heaven. He enjoyed warm welcome in God’s presence. He found peace and rest in God’s house. Going to the presence of God was like going to a resting place where David could pour out his heart to God and hand over all his burdens to Him. He was able to behold the glory of God and there he got himself lost in the wonder and awe of God. The intimate fellowship in the House of God wiped away all his pain, agony, restlessness, frustration, fear and anxiety and put him on a spiritual pedestal of courage, strength, peace and rest. He came out of the presence of God rejuvenated and reignited to testify to the faithfulness of God in his life. His heart became a stream and fountain of sweet songs of praise. Today we have the privilege to draw unto the presence of God in His heavenly sanctuary and behold His glory which will touch our weary souls and renew and refresh us in our tests, battles and intimidation.

Dear reader, are you battered by the enemy of your soul and made to wallow in the pain and the misery it causes? Are you under regular threat and attack? Is the enemy trying to find false evidences against you to drain your courage and strength? Are you intimidated with false accusations? Is there an effort to chase you around like a helpless lamb by the enemy who behaves like a wolf? But as you shed tears and cry unto your God, He comes to draw you to His sanctuary to comfort and strengthen you. His presence is filled with perfect peace and joy. There is no shadow or darkness there. It is bright with His light and glory. Being with God will refresh and renew your soul. God will fill you with visions of His glory which will encompass around you. As you see His glory, your heart will overflow with His peace. You will then be able to shed all your anxieties and hand your burdens over to God and rest. His glory will challenge you to worship Him. His loving hands will hold you close to Him. When you experience rejection and resentment, God will draw you closer to Him and fill you with His Spirit who is the Spirit of love, joy and peace. God’s peace will become a reality in your life through His mercy and grace which He sheds into our hearts each time we draw near unto Him. Yes, God’s presence is our house of rest when others reject and resent us. In God’s house we will enjoy His feast of spiritual blessings. For every battered soul, there is a pleasant challenge today to go to the presence of God and feel at home. It is there that you will experience relief, deliverance, victory and rejoicing.

Psalms 65:4b – We will be satisfied with the goodness of Your house, Your holy temple.    

Thought for Today
Beholding God’s glory will take our burdens away and release us from intimidation.

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