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Master Re-builder!
Verse for Today: Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Psalms 69:35 – God will save Zion and rebuild the cities of Judah. Then people will settle there and possess it.

The view of Judah and Jerusalem from Babylon, Susa and Egypt was pretty hopeless and dull. Judah was a heap of rubble and a burned down place. Jerusalem lost all its past glory. Its temple and walls were rubble. All hope was gone and there was total exasperation. But when all hope was gone, God spoke through His servants that He will rebuild Judah and Jerusalem and put it back to its old elegance and dignity. Since the odd was heavily against it, no one wanted to believe it. But what God pronounced had to come true and in miraculous ways, God rebuilt Judah and Jerusalem and brought it back to its old glory. God moved the hearts of rulers and emperors and used His servants to facilitate the rebuilding process. David believed in the eternal promises of God that Judah would be rebuilt and will become inhabitable as a mark of His faithfulness. He was instrumental in writing this prophetic truth as part of the hymn he wrote in the Hymnbook of God’s people. We know for sure that the enemy worked throughout the past to destroy Judah. But the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will come back to this earth to salvage Judah and Jerusalem and will establish His millennial kingdom. He will cause the old hopeless Judah to be rebuilt. This prophecy is a great assurance to God’s people who go through shattering experiences of great turmoil and destruction in their lives. Our lives might look hopeless in the eyes of the beholders, but our Lord has already made plans to rebuild us. Today the prophecy of the rebuilding of Judah is a great encouragement for us to trust God to rebuild our lives no matter how hopeless our lives are today. We need to hang in there and hold on to God’s promises and never allow our hearts to lose hope in the worst scenarios of our lives and situations.

Dear friend, are the prophets of doom writing you off and dragging you into a life of hopelessness? Is your life a heap of hopeless rubble that it looks impossible for anyone to rebuild you? Is there not any word of comfort and encouragement from anyone in your dark situations? But you should in no way lose hope because your God is in full control of your future. He is your re-builder and will revitalize your sagging and hopeless situation. He has a great plan for your life which He will not give up because His plans for you are for your consolation His glory in this world which has no other comfort of any sort. The world will only tear down and not build up because it belongs to the greatest destroyer. But our Lord is the Master Re-builder who has great and wonderful plans for your life. He will not break a bruised reed or sniff out a smoldering wick. God the Father has invested the life of His only begotten Son in you which makes you so precious to Him. He will not forsake you nor forget you. He will not leave you alone in the lonely pathways of this world but will keep you company all the time. Your dearest ones might forget you and ignore you. During your hours of deep depression like that of Elijah, your God will send His holy angel to revive you and strengthen you with heavenly manna. Perhaps no one in this world will understand you, but your Lord knows your heart. He will wipe your tears and will rebuild and revitalize your life. He will make you a walking miracle in this world to challenge any hopelessness that looms large around you.  

Isaiah 44:26 – (I am the Lord) who says of Jerusalem, ‘It shall be inhabited,’ of the towns of Judah, “They shall be built,’ and of their ruins, “I will restore them.”

Thought for Today
God in His faithfulness will rebuild our shattered lives into fruitful gardens and fountains for others to get refreshed and revived.

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