Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Waiting for fulfillment!
Verse for Today: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Psalms 9:18 – But the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted ever perish.

The world is full of needy people. There are people who face material deprivation and live as destitute. There are also people who are spiritually needy, but are unaware. There are people who have hand-to-mouth existence while others live in affluence. God’s children also go through serious needs in their lives. But they are instructed to look to their God for food, shelter and clothing. Our merciful God has promised us that He will meet our every need. He is our hope for today and for the future. He has asked us to pray for daily bread. He is concerned about our depravity and affliction and comes to our rescue. He expects us to depend on Him alone for our needs. He has all the resources needed to meet all our needs and gives us as needs emerge. He has given us His Spirit who controls our attitudes to things so that even with meager supplies, we can be fully satisfied. Great prophets like Elijah, warriors like Gideon, administrators like Joseph and preachers like Paul lived in deprivation for considerable time in their lives and were fully satisfied with what God gave them on a daily basis. King David went through hunger, thirst, insecurity and afflictions. He had to often wait for a long time to get food and drink, but he put his hope in God. He knew that his deprivation would not be forever and that His God would step into his affairs and put an end to uncertainty. He hoped in God for his afflictions and insecurity to come to an end and that it would not last for long. He trusted in God to provide for him on a daily basis. David ran through dangerous situations on a daily basis, but he put all his trust in God and was able to live a contended life. At times, he went through frustrations, but His God strengthened him to continue to hold on to divine promises and live in hope and trust.

Dear reader, is your life a long procession of unmet needs and unending afflictions? Are you confronted with one problem after another on a daily basis which makes you wonder for how long you should wait for a trouble free life? You probably wonder when your tears will dry, needs met and troubles end. But you must understand that a trouble free life for a child of God will be when we reach our eternal home. Today we are sojourners through wilderness to face its heat, wind, storms, sweat, shortages, hunger, thirst, infirmities and pain. But our focus in life is to serve God as He meets our needs on a daily basis. We are told by our God that our source of livelihood is Him who lives to meet our needs. He is the supplier of all our needs according to His dignity and status. He knows what we need and gives it to us as it pleases Him. He also knows our afflictions which are permitted in our lives to teach us dependence and trust. As we put all our trust and hope in Him, we wait for His time and pattern of giving to meet our needs and end to our afflictions. David had to go through hunger and thirst and so did Elijah. But God provided for them at His time and in His way. He removed their afflictions and gave them rest. Today the words of King David challenge us to put our hope in God. We do not need to know the time and route through which help will come. If He delays, it is to build up our hope and trust and make us stronger in our dependence, but He who has promised will not relent forever.

Psalms 62:5 – My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him.

Thought for Today
As we wait in silence, our God of hope works all things together to meet our needs and end our afflictions.

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