Monday, December 3, 2012


Wanted: Empty Vessels!
Verse for Today: Monday, December 03, 2012
2 Kings 4:2b – “Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a little oil.”

Nothingness and emptiness are the most desirable qualities that God looks for in the lives of those He is pleased to bless. Emptiness is the beginning of recreation that God wants in our lives. Emptiness will never be an impossible situation to the God who created everything from nothing. He makes everything possible when it looks impossible. He is looking for empty vessels so that He can fill it. He is waiting for the declaration from our side that we are empty and worthless without Him. He brought water when there was none for His children to drink. He gave food where there was nothing to eat. He brought light into darkness. He made pathways when there was no way forward. He makes the most fearful person a warrior. He made the lame to walk, blind to see and the dead to be alive again. When His children have nothing to pay off their debt, He makes a provision. God fills the empty vessels with His goodness as He did at the banquet hall at Cana. When there was nothing left except a little oil in the house of His servant, God still had plenty of oil in His economy to give them. But they had to have vessels which were empty and ready to be filled. The flow of oil ceases when there was no more empty vessel. Today God wants to fill the lives of people who are empty in themselves of their self and ego. He also wants to ask whether there are any empty vessels around so that He can fill it with His goodness. He wants to fill us with grace, patience, love and compassion in our empty vessels. But He wants us to admit that without Him and His goodness, we are empty vessels which make loud noise. But with His goodness in our hearts, lives and character, we will be full of value for the Master to fulfill His purpose in this world.

Dear reader, are you feeling depraved and empty in life? Are you concerned that there is nothing left in you that is of any value? Is your life bankrupt? God wants you rich, valuable and precious with divine blessings. God is interested in filling you with His goodness if only you empty yourself of self, superiority complex and ego. He wants your life to be fully available for Him to fill. Today He is willing to put His premium in you if only you are willing to declare your emptiness and brokenness. If only the self is broken and crucified will He fill you with His supernatural riches! There are empty and deprived souls around who are suffering for lack of divine goodness. The world is out there to take them all away to use for its purposes. But if we submit these empty vessels and lives to God, He will fill it with the heavenly. Our empty situations will be enriched by God if we submit it all to Him and ask for His mercy and compassion. Today God wants to make our worthless lives centers of His richness if only we give God the freedom to fill us. When God is out there ready and willing to fill us, why should we remain empty and worthless? When God is willing to fill our cups to overflowing, why should we remain empty? Today God wants you to empty yourself of all your selfish desires, motives, priorities, likes and dislikes along with our anxieties, fears and frustrations. Submit yourself to God to fill you to overflowing with the best that He has in store for you. When He thus fills you, your wallowing will give way to jubilation and your life rich to overflowing with His goodness. Your dark situations will become bright with His glory.  

Psalms 104:28 – When You give it to them, they gather it up; When You open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.

Thought for today
When God fills an empty and worthless vessel, it gets enriched and empowered for His glory.

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