Saturday, December 15, 2012


Tears to triumph!
Verse for Today: Saturday, December 15, 2012
Psalms 6:7 – My eyes grow weak with sorrow; they fail because of all my foes.

Pain, grief and misery have a serious bearing on our eyes and face. Face is often a glass through which the anguishes of the heart are silently expressed. It is vivid to the observant people and they often wonder what bugs us. It is all the more intensively evident when our eyes become tired and our words griping. Our exuberance wanes away and even our physical energy dwindle. After all, it is not easy to bear the brunt of constant attacks by the enemy of our soul. It takes a heavy toll on our person and our physique. The greatest difficulty comes when the enemy uses people who are dearest and nearest to us as his instruments to attack us. David had such bitter experiences when the enemy used his father-in-law to fight him. As a result of the attacks by the king, his soldiers who had seen David’s great victories also acted against David. Through the king, David technically became the enemy of his nation. He couldn’t understand why his dear people attacked him. He wondered what fault they had found in him to harass him so much. David couldn’t fight them back because they were his kith and kin. So often the only thing left was to run for life and hide from being assaulted. During those dark moments of life, the best that David could do was to cry to God and weep before Him in deep agony and misery. These were moments when the great warrior of Israel became a weakling and like a helpless baby with tears in his eyes and sorrow in his heart. He felt that nobody wanted him and no one cared for him. But David was moved by the Spirit of God to keep looking unto Him for comfort, strength, hope and faith. Sure enough, help and hope came to fill his heart and rekindled his vision to keep going. The God of David is with us today to see our tears and hear our sobs and groaning. When we cry, He will not keep silent, but will act to deliver our eyes from tears and our feet from danger.

Dear friend, are you swimming through your tears of sorrow and weeping lately? Are you inflicted with pain and misery because of the attacks you face from the enemy of your soul? Are your dearest ones used against you? Perhaps he is using your employer, colleagues, associates, neighbors and family to fight you. You might be facing unkind and brutal treatment from them which breaks your heart. There might be a series of events in and around you that hurt you deeply. It might be unemployment, sickness, loss or failure on your part. You can see the element of attack from the enemy in all of these. But you have a place to go to and a person to talk to and that is your Heavenly Father. He sees your situation and feels your pain. He understands your predicaments. He will never hide His face from you. When all others keep away from you and refuse to help you, your God will be ever near to you. He will wipe your tears and absorb your pain and misery and will fill your heart with joy and hope which will not fade away no matter how dark the horizon looks. His presence is sufficient to meet all the challenges which you are faced with. You have the opportunity today to confide in Him about all your situations and circumstances. Your Lord will transform your tears into joy unspeakable and your weeping into singing. If you look at others for help and comfort, you will be squarely disappointed, but there will be no disappointment with our God. It is best to wait for Him silently and praise Him for all that He will do to turn your tears into hymns of praise.

Psalms 28:6 – Praise be to the Lord, for He has heard my cry for mercy.

Thought for Today
The God of all compassion and comfort will transform the countenance of His children when they cry unto Him.
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