Sunday, December 2, 2012


Overflowing valley!
Verse for Today: Sunday, December 02, 2012
2 Kings 3:17 – This is what the Lord says: You will see neither wind nor rain, yet this valley will be filled with water, and you, your cattle and your other animals will drink.

Our God is mighty and kind to fill a whole valley with drinking water without any rain or wind. When they have a heart to seek His mind, He speaks to them about the miraculous ways by which He brings resources to meet their needs. But if there are no ditches in the valley, the water cannot be retained. So God wanted His people to dig ditches throughout the valley so that He can fill it. Thus God wanted people to take responsibility to retain water by putting in their own efforts. This was a spiritual lesson God wanted His people to learn. At times He gave them food without their participation except for picking manna. But at other times, He wanted them to plant, irrigate and nurture the fields for food. There was a time when He opened a well in the desert for Hagar and Ishmael, but the same God made Abraham and Isaac dig wells for water. Those who dig wells and ditches must have faith that the God who commanded them to dig will also help them fill it with water. But God had greater plan for these ditches which He filled with water. He used it as a tool to confuse the armies of the enemy and to defeat them. This God is our God who wants us to believe on His power to meet our needs beyond our expectations. Often His blessings stand on our way because we are not willing to take the first step of obedience. Unless we dig the wells for God to fill them, we will not get His blessing. Unless there are six stone jars ready to be used, where would they fill the water which He would turn into wine? Unless we give our five bread and two fish to Him, how would He multiply it into gourmet for a large crowd? Unless we take Him to the tomb, how would He call Lazarus out from the dead? He can do it without our help, but He wants us to be partakers with Him in it. Today He expects us to express faith in Him through obedience and expectancy so that He can fulfill His greater plans and blessings for us.

Dear reader, are you at the threshold of a dry spell in the indispensable resources in life? Is there anxiety in your soul as to how you would survive in the wake of the present depravity? But it is important that you make enquiries with the Lord and seek His mind. When your ears are open to eagerly hear Him with a commitment to obey, He will speak to you. When He speaks, He wants to test to see whether your faith is big enough to take steps of obedience. The number of wells you dig will depend on your awareness of your own needs. The more ditches you dig, the greater will be the water that you will be able to retain. But the water that comes from God will quench your thirst and make it as a tool in His hands to defeat the enemy. It is hard work to obey the Lord. It is a work of expectancy. It is a work of surrendering the ditches to God to fill it. If only you believe His words, you will see water not only filling the ditches, but flowing through your valley experiences. Your God opens a floodgate of water when you only ask for a drink. He fills all your desires and needs when it is submitted to Him. If you trust Him today with all your needs, He will make your ditches overflow with His blessings. After He subdues your enemy of thirst, He will lead you to subdue all your other enemies as well.

Psalms 81:10 – Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

Thought for Today
God makes us partners in His miracles to show us how He makes our valleys overflow with His blessings.

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