Monday, January 20, 2014


Antidote to anxiety!

Verse for Today: Monday, January 20, 2014  

Psalms 94:19 - When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.

There are times in our lives when we are unable to share some of our intimate burdens with anyone else. These burdens stay in our minds and get enlarged and multiplied as we dwell in it for some time. When we think more about our burdens and their consequences, fear comes to have its cruel grip over us by showing us the consequences of the objects of anxiety. As the fear and anxiety multiply, more burdens emerge to suffocate us. As we think more about it, negative thoughts increase to make us believe that what we have feared will come true. But the pressure of anxiety will make us forget the fact that our Lord knows what these concerns and anxious thoughts are and that nothing will happen to us without His knowledge and consent. He will not allow His dear children to be hurt by the enemy. He knows the strategies of the enemy who tries to create snags on our way forward and block us from reaching the milestones that our Lord has planned for us. When our enemies try to devour us with their fleshly tactics of various kinds, our Lord will be our buffer. They will try to despise, ridicule and challenge us to see how we would come out of the traps that they lay around us. They warn us about the consequences of their traps and try to drain us of our spiritual energies through fear, doubt and anxiety to weaken our faith.  Their repeated attacks often take away our defense and make us lose our faith in our God. But our God has promised to keep us safe and secure. When we abound in anxious thoughts and try to use human methods to get away from the snares around us, He comes to console us with His delightful words. His comfort will strengthen us to keep going to accomplish His purpose in our lives.

Dear friend, are you at the bottom of the valley of anxiety and fear because of your situations? Are you slowly losing your hope and confidence in life? But when you go deep down in the mire of anxiety and fear, Your Lord comes to hold your hands to lift you up from it all. He sends His words of comfort and hope to console you. He reminds you today that He is in control of your situations and will guard you against all eventualities. His words of comfort will delight your soul and strengthen your heart. His Spirit will energize you to put all your faith in Him to take you forward. His promises will echo in your hearts to reassure you. It was His delightful consolations that kept David going in times of tumult and turbulence. God’s consolations which Jacob received at Bethel kept him going until God settled his life and future. His promises spoke to Nehemiah all through the days of the reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem. Paul found God’s promises to be his pillar of strength through all his missionary journeys. Daniel found it to be his source of encouragement and confidence in the lion’s den. The Jewish youth found it to be their resting place in the furnace of the emperor. Elijah had it as patience for his daily bread at Cherith and Zarephath. Today the Lord sends His mighty messages of consolations for us to delight in. It helps us forget the false and fearful thoughts the enemy brings to us. Let us cling on to them and ignore the anxious thoughts. We can take our burdens to the Lord and leave it there because He knows what to do with it. Even in seemingly impossible circumstances and situations, we can 'laugh at the impossibilities of the world' and lean on to the Lord who makes it all possible for His children.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your care upon (Jesus) for He cares for you.

Thought for Today
God’s promises are potent antidote to destroy the fabricated and false power of anxiety.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Hide me under your wings when anxiety and fear saber rattle against me. Amen!

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