Thursday, January 16, 2014


Sail by storms!
Verse for Today: Thursday, January 16, 2014

Psalms 107:29 – (The Lord) caused the storm to be still, so that the waves of the sea were hushed.

The sea of life is full of unpredictable tumults and turbulence. Its storms and billows are powerful and devastating as they beat against the shores and the travelers and create fear and anxiety. We cannot stop the storms or control it, but can only try to escape its fierce power. But our efforts are often inadequate and ineffective to contain it. They surge and beat against us and leave us battered and bruised. Our smartness will not help us to escape from its cruel hands. But if we trust in the Master of the Sea of life, He will come to still the storms, waves and the rushing waters to save us. The turbulence come in the form of financial crunch, joblessness, gossip, family concerns, business failure and friendlessness. Storms strike our lives off guard. We get discouraged and disturbed at these storms and are at a loss as to how to handle it. Fear, doubts, confusion and lack of courage grip us as we shake and seem to sinking deep into the depth of the sea and vanish from the scene. But we are precious to our God who will come to our rescue in the height of the turbulence and will rescue us. He will not forsake or forget us. His presence is with us even as we go through the storms and the rough weather in our personal and spiritual lives. He has absolute control over the behavior of the seas and has the power to subdue the waves and the storms. He has demonstrated it at the Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee. He even walked over the waves of the sea. He is the Master over all the elements in His creation including the seas, storms, waves and water. The storms of unrest, faithlessness, lack of trust, confusion, frustration, anxiety and fear in the hearts of His children are as much important to Him as the external storms in our circumstances.

Dear friend, are you going through rough weather and high waves in your life? Perhaps the storms in your life are so personal that you are even unable to share it with others! Rest assured that the Lord knows all about it and its brutal strength. But He wants to remind you that storms will never overcome you. At the right time, He will come to you, speak to you and show you light in your dark and cloudy circumstances. If you focus on the waves and the waters, you will be fearful and discouraged. But if you look at your Lord who is with you, He will take away your fear and anxiety. You will surely be enabled to see light in the midst of darkest clouds. Sometimes He will calm the storms and at other times He will take you through the storms unhurt and unaffected. His glory will shine through the darkest moments of our lives to give us comfort and strength. Today you have His promises that He will deliver you from the storms and make your stand strong. It is not how He gets you out of the storms that matters, but the fact that He is with you all the time. Thus even in the storms of life, we would be in the purposefulness of God. How would we know that He can calm the storms unless we go through a few storms? Our God of storms and the sea is with us to take us victoriously to the other side of the sea of life. He is the Lord of all including the sea and the storm. He will certainly calm all the storms in our lives today for His glory.

Psalms 107:30 - They were glad when (the storms) grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven. 

Thought for Today
The Master of the sea has the storms and the billows in His hands!

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Strengthen me today to hold on to You by faith as I travel through storms in life. Amen!

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