Saturday, January 11, 2014


Care and confidence!

Verse for Today: Saturday, January 11, 2014

Psalms 138:7 - Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me.

All of us go through troubles of some kind or other in life. There is physical, emotional, social and spiritual care that we are encountered with. The enemy of our soul manipulates circumstances and people to cause us trouble. Some troubles are because we are thoughtless and careless. When we thus suffer, we are prone to be depressed and disillusioned. The enemy will then conclude that we will go down the drain and will never get out of it. The circumstances will keep telling the believer that there will be no hope for them and that things will become worse as days go by. The enemy will show the negatives of circumstances to increase our tension and add to our agonies. Sometimes we are filled with superstition and negative perspectives which clutter our minds with confusion, doubt, fear and anxiety. Sometimes we plunge into self pity and guilt. Such psychological attacks on us will further weaken us and drain our spiritual energy. But even while we are in the midst of great troubles and turmoil, our Lord will answer our prayers and come to revive our sagging souls. He will visit us in our deepest gloom to brighten our dark valleys. His mighty hands will encompass around us and pour His strength into our hearts. His words of comfort will re-energize and revive us. He appears even during the fourth watch when it seems impossible to get out of the troubles. He will take away our fear and doubts. He will calm our hearts and give us peace and rest in the midst of troubles. He will lift us up from our troubled waters and place us on firm ground.

Dear friend, are you caught in the web of heightened troubles of various kinds? Are troubled situations driving their cruel nails onto your emotions? Is the situation taking away your confidence and courage?  Are your doubts and confusions increasing day by day and are you plunged into hopelessness and despair? But in the midst of it all, you are not alone. Your Lord is with you and He is holding you in His hands lest anything untoward happens to you. He knows the depth of your troubles and will take you through it unhurt. He will make you rest on His broad shoulders. No force in this universe is capable to overpower the Lord's hands which protect you. His right hand will stretch out for you. Remember, these were the hands which stretched out on the cross of Calvary to be nailed for your sins. These nail-pierced hands are there to strengthen you and take you out of all your present troubles. The friends of Job tried to tell him that there was no hope for you. But at the end, they were proved wrong and the Lord showed everyone around that there was nothing impossible with Him. He who was with Daniel in the Lion's den and with his three friends in the fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar is the same Lord who is with you. He is alive today and works for your welfare. He is mindful of you. He comes to sympathize with you and to deliver you from all your troubles. Today you are challenged to renew your trust in Him and tell Him that you are waiting for His mighty hands to revive you. Continue to rest in His promises. Even at the fourth watch, when everything looks bleak, there is hope in the Lord. Trust in His right hand, His concern and compassion for you today.

Psalms 138:3 - On the day I called, You (the Lord) answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.

Thought for Today
We can withstand all pressures of our situations as we dwell in the mighty hands of our God.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Keep my heart at rest in You in the midst of all my troubles. Amen!

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