Tuesday, January 7, 2014


His best!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Genesis 17:18 - And Abraham said to God, 'If only Ishmael might live under your blessings.

It is difficult to imagine how we tend to reject the best in life for the second best. It is often because we are unwilling to wait or God’s best that we accept the second best that knocks at our doors. Little do we realize that there is nothing called ‘second best’ in God’s agenda for us! In fact God will not give us anything other than His best. But He wants us to wait for His best at His time. Without faith it is not possible to wait for God’s best. Sadly many of us seem to pray for the second best and jump into receiving it. Abraham is known for his faith and trust in God, but he was tempted to falter in his faith as he tend to compromise for Ishmael rather than wait for God’s promise. God planned to give Abraham a son through Sarah in spite of the impossible situation they were in. Abraham who believed God’s call in the Chaldean city of Ur now seems to jump into getting satisfied with something that is far less than God’s choice for him. Abraham and his wife Sarah manipulated human capacity and reason to manage another son who was already 13 years old. They seemed to be fully contented with him rather than waiting for God’s promise. It seems Abraham lost the capacity to wait any longer for God’s promise. He succumbed to disbelief and doubt. We are often like Abraham. God is ready to give us great spiritual blessings and is willing to make use of us in a great way for His glory, but we are satisfied with far less than the best. Our lack of faith and unwillingness to take God at His word deprives us of God’s greatest blessings. We must go through the pain of waiting to get greater blessings from God.

Dear friend, are you struggling between short term gains rather than waiting for God’s best time to receive His best in life? Are you feeling the great struggle to be satisfied with easier and quicker ways in life? Is there a battle between faith and sight in your outlook? Perhaps God wants you to do greater things and attempt greater ministries for Him. Perhaps God wants you to be the person who is totally committed to Him so that the world would see what God could do through you, as in the case of D.L. Moody. God's best is awaiting you if you are willing to take God at His word and go forward by faith. If God wants to give you great spiritual blessings, why should you be satisfied by anything less than that? Often our eyes are blinded by the goodness of things that come to us quickly and forget to aspire for that which far exceeds our expectation and imagination. If you have told God that the second best was enough for you, it is time you re-evaluate your decision and commitment to God. It is time to confess to Him how foolish you were in rejecting the opportunity to receive His best. You may need to tell Him how sorry you are in missing God's best and express your deep desire to get His best. It is time to renew your keen commitment to the brooks of God to satisfy your innermost longings. But if you go after the temporal, you will have to pick up its consequences as did Abraham. Let’s also resolve not to reject God’s best and wait for our second best to come, and then fall into confusion and chaos.

Psalms 37:5 – Commit your ways unto the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this.

Thought for Today
There is no lasting satisfaction in getting anything less than God's best.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Give me the patience to wait for Your best in my life to serve and glorify You. Amen!

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