Sunday, January 12, 2014


Praise from pain!
Verse for Today: Sunday, January 12, 2014

Psalms 147:3 - He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

We go through emotional trauma when relationships rupture or when our plans fall apart and we encounter failure and loss. Problems in life situations and relationships cause more heart aches than even the attacks of germs on human bodies. Medical science has determined that it is often easier to treat and improve a physical illness than emotional illnesses caused by heartaches. Emotional hurts lead people to innumerable mental and behavioral aberrations which culminate in a long list of physical ailments. This world is a frustrating place and it causes untold miseries to human emotions. Sometimes, we get hurt because of our over-ambitions, over-expectations and uncontrolled desires for more. At other times it is caused by the conflicts in our relationships and situations which are a result of our own unwise decisions and emotional immaturity. The medicines provided by the pharmaceutical companies will only treat symptoms and not causes. But if we go to Great Physician, He will provide healing for all our hurts. The Word of God is the greatest healer here on earth now. Its power penetrates our souls and will give us comfort and peace in times of great agonies in life. We get healed as we submit our hurts to the Father in prayer, He will fill us with His Spirit to produce love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness and self control which are Christ-like emotions in facing our situations. We must admit to the Great Physician our emotional wounds and ask Him to heal us of the wounds and sorrows of our souls. Remember, He is the Healer of all our infirmities and He makes us whole. He comes to bind our stripes and sooth our hearts with His love.

Dear friend, are you weary and feeling miserable because of the wounds in your life? Are you broken hearted and feeling deep pain and agony in your soul because of the hurt? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on anything and have you lost your appetite and sleep? Are you in distress and sorrow because of the deep wounds and feelings of loneliness you have in your soul? But you don’t need to lose hope because the Great Physician is coming your way today to touch and heal your broken heart. He is available to you no matter what pain you are going through. He understands your misery as He is your best friend to share all our burdens and sorrows. He is a patient listener to all your prayers. He is willing and ready to help you to remove all tensions, distress and anxieties. He wants to carry all your burdens and so you don't need to carry it yourself. It is best to take your burdens and pain to the Lord and keep it at His feet. He will help you unburden yourself. He will send healing to your soul and fill you with the Joy of the Lord which will be your strength as you face tough situations. He binds your sorrows and wounds and pours in His oil and wine for perfect healing. There are some burdens for which there are no human answer or cure, and so there is no use lamenting over it or lose our joy. Leave those irresolvable burdens to the Lord and bury it at the foot of the cross. The Lord will help you to find peace in all situations and relationships and give you victory. Jesus Christ is the solution to all your concerns if you give it all to Him and rest a while. It will cause you to praise Him for your wounds which He heals and pain which He wipes away. 

Psalms 107:20 - He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.

Thought for Today
When God touches and heals us, even our broken bones will rejoice.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Touch me today to heal my broken heart and wipe away my pain and misery. Amen!

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