Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Verse for Today
Philippians 4:19 - And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

It is a marvelous experience for any one to boldly claim that God is His personal God, and it shows intimate relationship and communication with God. This claim is experiential as well as positional. It is one thing to know Him as God, but a much greater thing to experience Him personally in all walks of life. Looking back into one's past experience, those who know this God can narrate touching instances of the personal care and deliverance from the hands of this God which taught them to be able to claim Him boldly as their own God. This was the experience of Paul and he was able to testify to the weary and the doubtful people around that his God is able to meet all their needs as well and will surely do it. Not only that, Paul certifies that God will meet needs according to the measure of His riches which no human beings can estimate or match. Our God owns the cattle of a thousand hills and all the gold in the gold mines of this universe. He is the creator and owner of the trillions of galaxies in this universe. His Heavenly riches are even greater. And these riches are all made available to His children through Jesus Christ in whom we all have received all the inheritances in Heaven. So Paul is reassuring us that our needs will be met according to the measure of God and on the basis of His vast and immeasurable heavenly richness. Paul tries to tell us today that no one else can excel his God in giving. God also knows what we are sacrificially giving to Him and His cause out of what He has given us. He is faithful to compensate for all that we do for Him through our daily needs and in a greater measure when we meet Him face to face. So let no one who gives to the cause of God be apprehensive about their own needs.

Dear friend, do you feel that your needs are so vast that it won't be possible for it to be met adequately? Remember, your God is so big and His resources are so vast that any of your needs can be met by Him without any difficulty. But you must bear in mind the truth that He has not promised wants or luxuries to you. He is concerned about needs and He doesn't want you to be deprived of your basic needs. He has promised this each day of your life, and that is why He has taught you to pray for the needs of each day. You and I are expected to live by faith in His capacity to give, and we look forward to receiving from His reservoir of resources. We are not to look unto the hills and fields of the world to feed us, but to the Father in Heaven who has enough to give to us. If He has given us the Lord Jesus Christ, surely He will give us every thing else that we need. So it is appropriate to examine whether all that we have are things that we need. When God supplies our needs, it is an admonition to live on the basis of the needs to serve Him and His interests in this world. It is worth noting the promise that God will surely supply all the needs which leave us with no room for anxiety about our future. The one who supplies our needs today will supply it each day of our lives so that we can look up to Him for the supply of every need, whether they are physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, on all our days. Are we not fortunate people to have such a benevolent Father who is so rich and has so much concern for us and our affairs? Let us praise Him for meeting our needs today and every day, for He will never leave us orphans and wayward children.

Psalms 23:1 - The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Thought for Today
The measure by God's hand in meeting our needs is much bigger than any human hand.
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