Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Verse for Today
Revelations 4:2 - At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it.

The vision given to John, which was meant to be given to all the churches in the Age of Grace, is a message for all God's children today. It is a message of good news that our Lord Jesus Christ is the only King in this Universe and that He is seated on His throne. He controls all that is related to us every moment of our lives. He rules and overrules our situations to take glory through it all and to make use of us according to His perfect will. Fortunately we are able to accept Him as the King of our lives. This has enabled us to trust Him for all our needs, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. He knows them all and has adequate provisions to meet all needs at the right time. He is the all-sufficient Lord. He our shepherd and our big brother through the adoption that we all are given to join the family of God. Even though the Lord is the King, He walks with us as a shepherd and a friend. He comes to us as water for our spiritual and emotional thirst. He makes Himself available to us as the bread of life to give us life and to sustain it. He is the Lily of the valley to give us the coolness of the valley and the fragrance of life even when we live in this overheated world with the odor of sin every where. He is our teacher in all the lessons that Heaven wants us to learn. He is our comfort and strength in times of restlessness and misery. He is our refuge when we are attacked by the enemy. But in all these spheres, He is also our King to rule and overrule our situations and circumstances. He fights our battles and carries us through the flood, storms, fire and wind. It is the greatest comfort and strength of a child of God to know and experience Him as the Lord and King of our lives so that we will not lack any thing that is spiritually expedient. If He is Lord, then we also have an obligation to allow Him to rule our hearts and lives.

Dear friend, you don't have to feel abandoned because you don't have all the answers to your life problems at the very moment at which we feel the need for it. There is no need to be exasperated as you grope in the darkness of life's situations, because He is the light of your life. Jesus is the King of the Universe and He is also the ruler of your life. Nothing happens to you and yours without His knowledge. All that is happening around you is overruled by Him according to His plan and program for your spiritual welfare and development. He has absolute control over all your circumstances which means that He is the King of your circumstances also. As King, He has absolute power and authority over all that is happening to you. He will use it all to teach you that you have to daily live under His kingship and lordship. He doesn't want you to pick up the impression that you are left alone to suffer or go through difficulties of any sort. When you suffer, He suffers with you. He cries with you when you shed tears. He sympathises with you in all that you go through, as He experienced it all while on this earth in the human body. So He knows the pain that a human body can experience with all its implications. He knows what it is to cry and feel hunger or thirst. When we have such a Lord as the King of our lives, we can confide in Him in all our circumstances. We can go to Him with all our needs and expect His Spirit to speak to us to strengthen us to face the situations. Nothing will happen to you without His express knowledge, and He allows it all to strengthen you to face tougher battles and struggles so that you will come out stronger in your faith and trust in Him. But He also wants us to renew our commitment and total allegiance to Him as the unquestionably absolute authority over all that we have and all that we are. May we gather courage in all our circumstances to move forward because we have such a powerful ruler of the Universe as the King of our lives also!

1 Timothy 6:15 - He is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and the Lord of Lord.

Thought for Today
Our King is also our Shepherd, Savior, Bread, Water, Life and the One Who sustains us in all our circumstances.

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