Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Verse for Today

Philippians 4:6 - Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Paul writes to us from His experience using absolute terms which do not leave even the shadow of a doubt about its authenticity. First of all, we are admonished to be anxious about nothing which means there is not even an iota of anxiety to be held by us. Secondly we are asked to take all our needs completely and totally to our Father in prayer and supplication because our Father is compassionate and merciful. He is also perfectly resourceful to meet all our needs in their fullness. His heart melts when His children shed tears in His presence. Thirdly all our needs can be presented to Him in prayer and supplication which are the media prescribed by God and practiced by His Only Begotten Son while He was here on earth. He has also taught us how to pray and submit our supplications in the will of the Father. Fourthly we are only required to let our requests known to the Father, not because He doesn't know, but because it is our privilege as children to submit our needs to the Father. Once these responsibilities are fulfilled by us, the next step is to expect the Father to make the subsequent move. He will take away all our anxiety and give us peace, confidence, courage, faith, trust, patience and maturity to wait for Him to act. Once the needs are in the appeal court of the Father, there is no other place to go to, because we have rested our case with the Almighty who has immense resources to meet all our needs. Once it is handled at the highest level, there is nothing more to do, but to wait for Him to act to meet the needs. He has promised not to deny anything that is good for us, and He will give it to us according to His measure and at a pace at which we can take it for the Father's glory. The way the Father gives it to us teaches us dependency, trust, faith and patience so that our minds will be at rest in Him.

Dear friend, are you facing unmet needs which give you anxious moments today? As you wait for answers from the Father, do you happen to develop impatience and get discouraged? Knowing Him as your loving Father, there is absolutely no way you can mistrust or distrust Him. There is no shadow of turning with Him. When His beloved children express their needs, He will not remain inactive. In fact, long before you tell Him your needs, He had started acting to meet your needs. By the time you feel the need, the answer is already prepared. As finite beings, we can pray only when we feel the need. But He knows our needs much before we sense or feel it, and His mighty hands have already prepared the way. Do you see how He had prepared for your life so far? Many of the things you enjoy today are those that He had prepared before you were even born. Wherever you are today, He had prepared a place for you to live, education for you, friends for fellowship, kith and kin for love and affection and saints to pray for and with you. Remember, He is not an unjust father who cares the least about His children. He remembers you and your needs and so you can expect supernatural interference in your needs at the right time. Just as the rain drops fall on you when you least expect it, the showers of blessings will fall on. So there is no need to be frustrated and feeling desperate. When you have such a merciful father who is the greatest giver in this universe, your anxiety becomes absolutely unnecessary, totally illogical and out of place. Your anxiety perhaps tells your world that you don't have a Father in Heaven like that of the birds of the sky and the grass of the field. Start today by thanking Him for the answered prayers which are in the pipeline and live with the ardent faith that you have received the answer and that it is only a matter of opening up the answer package. This is how it is with our Father who meets our needs at the right time. It is wonderful to know Him as our beloved Father and enjoy being treated as His beloved children.

1 Peter 5:7 - Cast all your anxiety on (the Lord), for He cares for you.

Thought for Today
We can take all our burdens and needs to the Father and leave it there and He will deal with it as it is His concern.

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