Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Verse for Today
Exodus 15:26b - For I am the Lord who heals you (Jehovah Rapha).

We live in a world which is physically and emotionally sick. Almost all the people become physically sick several times in their life time and have to approach physicians. Most people also experience some sort of emotional sickness as they go through frustrations of various type in this life. Our physical sickness takes our courage away and often make us emotionally sick, and at the same time our emotional sickness affects our bodies also. There are various causes for these sicknesses that we experience, many of which can be prevented. But we understand that our physical bodies are susceptible to sickness of various kind because we live in a weak body which is vulnerable to environment, age and emotions of various kind. There are several medicines or treatment that can be taken for physical illnesses, but there aren't many effective medicines for emotional sicknesses. But there is a medicine in Gilead. It is a balm and is considered a panacea for all the illnesses of mankind. This balm is a beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus Christ who was Jehovah Rapha and He has been the true healer of bodies and minds of human beings. If we have the wisdom to use therapy with this precious balm, we will be healed of all our ailments. This therapy is available only to those who are washed by the blood of the Lamb shed on Calvary to get primary and fundamental healing of all their sin sickness. Once we are healed of our sin sickness, all related illnesses will continue to be healed by the Great Physician of Gilead who will apply the Balm of Gilead to take away all our illnesses. So when we sense that something is emotionally or physically wrong in us, before rushing to the physicians of this world and to the medicines produced by this world, we need to go to the Great Physician and submit ourselves for Him to deal with our bodies and minds so that we can be whole again. We need victory in our bodies and minds so that we can experience healing in our souls.

Dear friend, our greatest sickness is the feeling that we are sick. But we are genuinely sick some times because of our inability to cope with the environment we live in. Our bodies are subject to decay until we receive the glorified bodies which the Lord will give us. But till that time, we need to live victoriously first in our souls and minds and then in our bodies, experiencing the healing the Lord gives us on the inside. This is the state of being able to withstand the pressures of the emotional environment we are in. We need to be filled with the Spirit of God so that He can use us to respond to the environment as it pleases Him. This is possible if only we are continuously enjoying the healing touch of the Balm of Gilead who is our Jehovah Rapha. We need to experience His divine touch in our souls, minds and bodies to enjoy the healing that we need. Even when we endure physical weakness of various kind, we can enjoy the healing of our souls and minds and thus be contented in the presence of the Lord. In such a situation, we can enjoy the peace that passes all understanding about our conditions. When Jehovah Rapha controls our lives and as we are continuously treated with the Balm of Gilead, we will be at peace with our situations which is the best way to better physical health also. His clinic is always open and He awaits us to submit to His touch. We need to keep the laws of the Lord which will heal our muscles, nerves and bones. For a child of God, there is no healing outside the will of God and outside the touch of God. He heals, but all others only treat us. When we feel weak, we need to go to Him and ask for His touch in our bodies and minds so that we will know the healing of our bodies and minds to be able to continue to do what He wants us to do. Thus we will be in the perfect will of God whether we move around and have an active life or have a quiet life in the privacy of our homes. The Lord is our Jehovah Rapha and He is always with us to give us the healing of our total being for His glory. Sometimes, instead of healing us completely, He appoints doctors like Luke to travel with us in our sojourn to keep us comfortable as we enjoy the kind of health that He gives us. Let us today submit ourselves, body, soul, mind and spirit so as to enjoy the touch of the Great Physician with the Balm of Gilead. Let the Jehovah Rapha, our Lord, touch us and keep us in perfect peace.

Jeremiah 17:14 - Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me and I shall be saved, for You are the One I praise.

Thought for Today
For proper and timely healing, we must heed to the instructions of the Great Physician.

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